A Big Star in a Small Town


This year Sheridan High School hosted the fifth annual “Groundhog Breakfast.” This event is put on by the Perry County Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber puts this event together every year, having high-schoolers, such as members of Student Council and National Honors Society serve breakfast to the guests. During this event people come from all over the country to eat together while listening to a guest speaker.

Previous speakers include: Jim Tressel, the president of Youngstown State University/former Ohio State football coach. Along with Holly Hoffman, the last woman standing on the 21st season of the reality TV show Survivor. This year the guest speaker just happened to be former Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer.

Urban began by speaking about his early life in Ohio, talking about how he grew up in a rural area much like Perry County. He managed to keep the crowd engaged by adding in anecdotes of his life as a coach. Along with talking about his family and players, Urban made good points in his speech in relation to several aspects of his coaching career. He talked about the “mystery” of how to connect with his players.

Another huge point Urban had made during his speech was how important leadership is on a team, and how the only way to lead is by taking responsibility for your mistakes claiming,”When someone takes ownership you can lead that way, you can’t lead if you’re always blaming someone else. If you’re one of those players who’s always blaming someone else you’re wrong; it’s your fault. That’s all someone wants to hear as a leader.”

Urban Meyer has been an inspiration to athletes everywhere, especially to high school student athletes in Ohio. He was an amazing choice to have speak at the fifth annual groundhog breakfast at Sheridan High school this year. To see his incredible speech watch the video below.

Hunter Dishon