The 2020 CrossFit Games

Crossfit is a branded fitness regimen created by Greg Classman in 2000. It is a training philosophy that coaches people of all shapes and sizes to improve their physical well-being and overall fitness in a high intensity environment. The popularity of the sport lead to the creation of the crossfit games in 2007. Every Crossfit athlete has a dream to make it to the crossfit games.

To make it to the Crossfit games you have to qualify. The top man and woman athletes from each country and top 20 athletes worldwide are guaranteed a spot at the games. The Crossfit community holds a variety of different competitions throughout the year that could potentially provide you a spot in the games. The Granite Games, Sanctionals, Online Qualifier and the Crossfit Open are all examples of competitions that could get you a spot in the Crossfit Games.

Even if you are not in Crossfit, it is an entertaining sport to watch. There are a variety of professional athletes you can choose to support in competitions like Matt Fraser, Sarah Sigmundsdottir, Rich Froning Jr, Tia-Clair Toomey, Samantha Briggs and hundreds more. This year the 2020 Reebok Crossfit Games will take place on Wednesday, July 29th, through Sunday, August 2nd in Madison, Wisconsin. You can also watch the 2020 Crossfit Open, Saturday, October 10th through Wednesday, November 11th.  The Crossfit Open is 5 weeks long and provides a different workout every week for athletes to complete. The 2020Crossfit Open workouts have been released on the 2020 CrossFit Reebok website.

Everyone enjoys watching a Sunday football game but have you ever watched the Crossfit games? This year the 2020 Reebok Crossfit Games will take place Wednesday, July 29th, through Sunday, August 2nd In Madison Wisconsin. The Crossfit games are the worlds premier test to find the fittest on earth. Let 2020 be the year you start watching a different sport on Sunday.