Teachers Vs. Teen slang

Teens text 24/7, it is our way to escape the real world. As a teen, we all use slang words such as tea, snake, slaps, no cap, etc. We get to talk with all our friends whenever we want, even young kids have a phone to text with. I mean we are the zoomers of the new world.

All generations have their lingo – ours just happens to be highly evolved from texting. We thought it would be fun to see if any of our own Sheridan High School teachers were up on the “lingo”. We put 4 female and 4 male teachers to the test and had a competition to see who was more of a zoomer. The female teacher participants were Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Presta, Dr Rose, and Mrs. Moore. While the male teachers consisted of Mr. Culver, Mr. Paxton, Mr. Chennelles, and Mr. Booth.

As we started to put out the words, the teachers were shocked, they had no idea what the words meant. It became apparent the woman were going to get destroyed by the men. To keep the entertainment going Paxton was giving clap backs to the girls and Chennelles liked to dab it out. Check out the video – you will not regret it.