Animal Abuse.

In Three Hidden Forms

∼Rodeo Abuse∼

Rodeos are a place where thousands of people around the world go to have fun and watch some down right exciting competition. Not many talk about the dark side of rodeos – the animal abuse. One of the most abusive events is Calf roping. Calf Roping is a very deadly competition to the animal. The calf is released from a pen with a gunshot to send it running. Then a man, or woman, is on a horse chasing the calf to try and lasso it. The calf is running so fast that when the person lassos it and the horse stops the calf’s head, it is jerked backwards and can lead to multiple injuries including broken horn, broken back, broken limb, or in some cases paralyzed and have to be put to death. When you really think about it, it’s so sad. These beautiful creatures were put on our world and we find fun in torturing them in rodeos.

This is cattle roping. This is a calf who has a definite broken back, neck, and  if you look at its back right leg it has been snapped. All for entertainment.

Horses in the rodeo are also injured and treated very poorly. Bronc riding is a very famous and dangerous sport. The horses are in a cage with a very small saddle on its back around a girth behind the front legs. Then there is a loosen girth in front of the back legs. The reason why horses aren’t normally bucking in the stall, is because the girth isn’t tightened until the gate opens. Once the gate opens, there is a person holding a piece of the girth and pulls it back as hard as possible to make the horse buck. There have also been reports of tasers being used on horses. The girth is very uncomfortable as is but when you tighten it to the point of struggling to breathe, it can be fatal. In bull riding horses are used to tame the bull and get the rider to safety. Sometimes the bull will see the horse and attack it. The horns from the bull will penetrate the soft part of the horses underbelly and potentially put the horse into shock and later death.

The last time you went to a rodeo what did you see? Popcorn, Lassos, Kids cheering their favorite competitor on.  The last time I went, I saw horses and other animals used in rodeos, and you could see how much pain they were in. Cows, horses, sheep and so many more animals are being tortured right in front of us and we don’t even realize it. If I asked you, is it ok to have a horses girth 5x tighter than what it should be I’d hope your answer would be no. If so, then stop going to these rodeos and supporting them.


∼Dog Abuse∼

Sentient Media

Photography Credit: Sentient Media

Pitbull terriers are the most common dog used in dogs fights. In my opinion they are also the most lovable-wanna be lap dog ever. I, myself, have 2 pitbulls, Titan and Theia. Titan is a full blue nose pitty, while Theia is a red nose pit mix. Pitbulls are known for being these beasts that tear other dogs up. Really, the only reason they do that is because their owners train them too, not because they want to. This unwanted training has led pitbulls to be looked at terribly and not able to find the loving homes most of them deserve. All because someone decided to train them wrong. Pitbulls aren’t the only dogs that get abused because of foolish humans. Rottweilers are also looked at differently. Some dogs in dog fight the owner may not be very proud of them and they have been known to tape there mouth shut and chain the legs together. They do this to kill the dog without getting “their” hands dirty. When really it’s THEM chanting the other dog on in the pit. It was THEM who tied him up, and it will be THEM to not bury him, just toss him on the side of the road.

I’m not saying that dog fights are the only type of dog abuse. The ASPCA says that each year, there are 1.5 million euthanized animals in shelters, because the no-kill shelters are filled. (670,00 dogs and 860,00 cats).  Another form of animal abuse is hoarders. These are people that decide it is ok to have 30+ cats and/or dogs. Doesn’t matter if they cant feed them and take care of them properly.

If your like me and want to help stop this cruelty or at least help out, please go to this website, ASPCA donate now.

∼Wild Animal Abuse∼

Circuses are known to be a very fun place, just like a rodeo, but like rodeos,  they to have a secret behind the popcorn and clowns. The animals used for there tricks are captive and poorly treated. PETA reports when the animals don’t perform they are abused with whips, tight collars, muzzles, electric prods, bullhooks or other painfull tools. To add to this abuse, When they are not practicing, they are stuck in a cage. The elephants and bigger animals typically chained down and unable to move.

Animal Channel
This poor tiger has never been shown affection or what it is like to be a wild animal.

When it is time to perform, the Elephants are wearing restraints around their back and around their ankles to hide what the chains have done to them. The younger elephants aren’t treated any better, if anything they are treated worse. Separation from family at a young age is detrimental to them because they need to learn from their herd. Juvenile elephants need to stay with their herd to learn survival tips,and while in the circus they never get that opportunity. The animal can never be released, they will never be able to live in the wild alone and free – all because of human ignorance.