Ashley James – More Than Meets The “Eye”

Ashley’s Drawing

Sheridan High School has a diverse student population that results in a variety of intriguing talents. There are many different talents throughout the school, such as: singing, drawing, skateboarding, rapping, gaming, etc… I know of people that do all of those, and I know that there are many more people throughout the school I have never even spoken to that have talents. Ashley James is one of those students. I decided to interview her about her artistic side, and it was pretty fun to do. Before doing this interview I did not even know who she was, and I am sure that there is quite a few of people at Sheridan who does not know who she is or have even heard of her before either. I took the liberty to get to know her artsy side, by digging deep inside that part of her mind. I asked her questions about why she enjoys art, what got her into art, and many more too. She is a Junior who draws, paints, sculpts, and does anything that has to do with art.


Ever since she moved to Sheridan she has loved art, and hopes to continue that love outside of High School. She does not exactly know which college she wants to go to, but she mightor maybe even as a hobby. She works on art for many days some weeks, and other weeks she would not do anything to do with art.  This way she was able to keep it fresh, and not get burnt out by doing it all day everyday. Now, after all these years she is still able to enjoy art as much a she did when she first started. She has taken almost every art class that Sheridan has to offer.


Casey Patterson