Talent Spotlight: She Thinks His Tractor’s Sexy


Kris Pfahl

Alex performing his solo piece for She Thinks His Tractor’s Sexy

When people think of show choir, their first impressions are not the countless hours that are required  or the work it takes to make props, nor the anxiety that comes with singing to a crowd, they think of jazz hands and sparkles. This is simply not true – it takes hours of work and commitment. Taking the lead and performing a song alone for a competition is more than enough to rattle nerves and make those butterflies inside come alive, especially during your first year as a singer/dancer in the award winning show choir – The Northern Stars.  Alex Peters has done just that! He has taken the role of the soloist during the all male number “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy.”

This solo came as a major shock for Alex. He didn’t believe he had any shot of getting this high position during his first year. However, when he heard the news, he was “absolutely amazed” and wasted no time in telling his mom.

With his heart pumping and his pulse racing, Alex took to the stage and began the long and tiring process that came with being a singer/dancer. However, this process was not all sunshine and rainbows, nor jazz hands and glitter. The practices were long and intense, and Alex did not believe he had what it requires to hold the position he was given. The boys number calls for many vocal changes to give the needed element of humor that the show demands and Alex struggled with this vocally for some time. He believed he didn’t sing all that well. While this opportunity is one that he would never give up, there are moments that Alex wishes he remained in the band.

Kris Pfahl

It didn’t take much convincing to compel Alex to join the singer/dancer portion of show choir this year. While he was a part of Space Jam – the live band for the show choir – the previous year, he didn’t necessarily feel as if he were a part of the group. It wasn’t until he took initiative and joined the choir portion that he truly felt including. While he appreciates that he is now a part of the group, he does not appreciate how excluded the band and crew are from the choir and wishes that there was a way to include everyone in everything. As for the amount of members within the choir, Alex wishes that there could be more male singer/dancers. When asked about the issue, he stated ““I feel like there needs to be not necessarily less girls but definitely more guys. It’s difficult to get the sound out with only four guys. I feel like myself and one other male are leading the group and it would be more be more beneficial if we had a more even group of both gender.” This has been an issue for the boys the whole year. It is not easy to get their voices out over 12 female singer/dancers. For this reason, “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy”, has become a favorite of the boys. It gives them their moment to take the spotlight, even if it isn’t for a considerable amount of time. 

Competitions are by far the most difficult and exciting for singer/dancers. They are “exhausting, fun, exciting, and [most importantly] fulfilling”. This is the moment that they get to put all of their hard work on display and show the people within the audience they are here to win. For Alex, this is the best part of being in the choir. Following a performance, “hearing the audience applaud” makes the countless hours of practice worth it.

Kris Pfahl

Show choir has become a major portion of Alex’s life and he plans to continue as a singer/dancer into his senior year. This year, while only have attended the first portion of competitions, his time has been full of fun memories. He hopes that this will translate into the following year. He feels more involved than ever before and he hopes to continue to improve his singing and dancing as the session accumulate. Ultimately, Alex hopes to achieve best soloist, best performer, and to Grand Champ as a choir at least once this session.

Show Choir is far from the only thing that Alex is involved in. As the well-rounded, musically inclined performer we know him to be, Alex – to no surprise – is involved in several of the different band programs within the school. His is one of the many talented musicians in Pep Band and Marching Band as a Sousaphone player, and Concert Band and Jazz Band as a Tuba player. In addition to this, Alex enjoys his role in Drama Club – as the ensemble male for this year’s production of Clue – and as a member of our local 4-H club – where he has done multiple sewing projects and shooting sports.

Look to the future and don’t be afraid to explore the journey. Below is just one of our five songs performed at each and every competition. If you like what you see, please consider joining us at our next Ohio competition in Teays Valley on March 7th.

Hunter Dishon