Why Should You Take Post-Secondary Classes?


Several students will graduate high school with no idea of what they want to do next. Throughout our high school career we are told about hundreds of different pathways we can take in high school, as well as after, all of which can be extremely overwhelming. Some of these pathways include taking post-secondary classes. The word post-secondary is first introduced to you when you are a freshman and you will go in to hear it several other times in high school. Unfortunately, many schools do not take a moment to actually explain what these classes are and all the advantages that you will gain along with them. This results in several students missing out on an amazing opportunity and do not even realize it.

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Post-secondary classes are classes you can take on a college campus while still enrolled in high school. These classes can count for both high school credit as well as college credit. One of the greatest advantages of these classes is that they are FREE. Many people do not realize how truly beneficial that is for you in the long run. You will be gaining free college experience and get a head start on the classes while still being able to partake in high school functions. After you graduate high school and go into your freshman year of college you will already have a year of college under your belt. This is an incredible opportunity for anyone who is looking to save money in college and get a head start in life.

Another great aspect of taking post-secondary classes is that you are given more time to find your path in life. With the extra year of college under your belt, you will be able to know if college is a good fit for you or not. It also gives you an extra year to look into all the different majors. You are able to take classes about subjects you are interested into see if it is something you are interested in specializing in. When asked Jayden Mascher, a former post-secondary student of Ohio State Newark, said her biggest piece of advice was to “make sure you leave enough time in between classes to make it it on time,” but over all loved her experience.

These classes are an amazing opportunity for everyone and I greatly encourage everyone to look into it. College is not for everybody, but when you never truly know until you try and these pathways are perfect for just that. If you are interested, take a moment to speak to your guidance counselor about the possible options.