Valentine’s Day: Is it Pointless? You Decide!



Is Valentine’s day pointless? In my opinion Valentine’s Day is not a holiday to look forward to. Valentine’s Day is a holiday where you show your love for your spouse, but I think you should show your love  every single day. For many of us Valentine’s Day is nostalgic. We all remember the days in Elementary School when we used to make Valentine’s Day boxes, and spent the day with our friends. Alas, in high school this is just not the case.

As you get older, Valentine’s day becomes about love and not friendship. The magic of Valentine’s day fades as you realize that you need a “special” someone to make it matter – not just your friends. Do we really need a day to celebrate our “special” person – shouldn’t we do that every day?

Many people believe that you do not need a specific day to show your love for one another. An Article from Her Campus at Virginia Tech says “Oftentimes, Valentine’s Day covers up the issues of the relationship and is used as a day for making up for the mistakes they have made in the past year. There shouldn’t be a day of buying each other gifts and forced romance that is supposed to fix or improve the relationship. Couples should do that on their own.” When you ask people what they usually think about Valentine’s Day they tend to answer with #ForeverAlone. During Valentine’s day high expectations can cause things to be very stressful. Not all of us are into love and sappy things and some people feel like this is just a materialistic holiday – we already have anniversaries – do we really need Valentine’s day?

In case you have ever experienced the ultimate insult on Valentine’s Day – the breakup – I have posted my top 5 worst ways to get the boot!

5 Worst ways to break up with someone: 

5.) Over text- Breaking up with someone over text is never a way to break up with someone. if you cant face it in person, then do not start the relationship in the first place.

4.) publicly- When the person makes the decision to break up with there significant other in public like at a family event or maybe even when you are with your friends in front of all of them. That can just be very embarrassing for the person.

3.) Not giving a reason- Whenever you say you don’t have a reason is never a smart idea. I asked Cate Conrad on what she though about not giving a reason to ending the relationship and her response was, ” I think if you don’t give a reason you have wanted out for awhile and you just never found the way to say it or there is another person involved and they just don’t want to admit it.”

2.) Cheating-  when someone cheats on you. This is by far the worst one in the book in my opinion. There is no point to cheat on someone when you can just tell them that you do not want them anymore

1.) Ghosting- Ghosting is when someone completely stop’s talking to someone, and ignore’s them in all aspects. This is the ultimate coward’s way out – learn to face your issues in life!

Therefore if you are thinking about ending things with your significant other here are somethings that you should not do.