My High School experience



High school is not what High School Musical is played out to be. Freshman orientation was beyond scary for me. I came from a private catholic school in somerset, Holy Trinity. My 8th grade class had around 13 people in it so it was a huge change when I saw 135 people in my class.

While at Holy Trinity I knew everyone and was close with a multitude of people. All the classes were in the same rooms and we were going the same time as elementary school. Everyone ate lunch at the same time and we even had recess together as a school. Each grade went to the same classes instead of being mixed with different grades like Sheridan does.

Holy Trinity class of 2016

When I came to Sheridan it was nerve racking and it felt so much bigger than Holy Trinity. I did not talk to many people, just the ones I knew and were friends with. Throughout my freshman year, after I was over the initial shock, I had a fun first year experience.

High school is filled with so many different types of people. The judgmental aspect  made it hard for me to understand because I surrounded myself with people who really didn’t care about me my freshman and sophomore year. What changed this for me, was a new choice in friends.

My best friend Grace Dowdell introduced me to a group of amazing people and I have never felt so good. They are the most uplifting people I could have hoped to befriend and I couldn’t be any happier. I was in a really dark place before I met them, and then I started to become more and more confident in myself.

When she brought me into this group of amazing people, I started doing things I never would have thought I would do. For example, I would rarely go to football games and would not sit in the student section; now that I am a senior, I do this on a regular basis at both football and basketball games. Perspective changes everything you do and Grace changed this for me and ultimate gave me a life filled with positivity.

In my opinion, I would not wait until your senior year to get out of your shell and really get to know people because you will miss out on a ton of opportunities. I wish I had not been so shy my freshman year. My senior year is more than half way over and I still want to make the most out of what I missed out on my freshman and sophomore year. Do not wait to break out of your shell, you will not regret it, I promise.

In high school, you learn who you really are and I believe that is true. Ever since I started to open up my sophomore year I have been more and more confident with myself. High school can shape you in many different ways, whether its good or bad.