Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Bendle


This year will be Mr. Bendle’s 30th year working at Sheridan. He is a hardworking, intelligent, and fun individual and is extremely passionate about fitness which makes him the best phys. ed. teacher and football coach around.


“Seeing the improvement in their physical abilities and realizing the work they put in” is what Mr. Bendle enjoys the most about being a phys. ed. teacher. Mr. Bendle’s second love is coaching football. “There is nothing like Friday nights and the energy in the stadium.” Mr. Bendle loves that Sheridan has a community that cares so much about sports, especially since Mr. Bendle is a big sports guy. To Bendle, the most m emorable moment being a football coach was in 2004, when Sheridan beat his hometown Steubenville in the playoffs.



Mr. Bendle enjoys running but considers it a “job”. Other hobbies he participates in are snow skiing, golf, and eating. Mr. Bendle says his favorite restaurant is “Olive Garden” but if you were to ask anyone else they would say his favorite restaurant is PaPa Boos. Mr. Bendle loves teaching phys. ed. and coaching football but if he could have any other job he says he would be a “Firefighter or Lawyer if it was not for all the paper work.” Mr. Bendle described his “perfect day” as being on a beach with friends, so it should be no surprise that one day Bendle would like to go to the Turks and Caicos islands. Speaking of things we want to do someday, Mr. Bendle says ” I would like to get married.” Don’t worry Mr. Bendle there are plenty of fish in the sea, you just might be bad at fishing.



Mr. Bendle’s family life revolved around sports, in fact his favorite childhood memory was playing baseball with his brothers. “it was an every day thing” said Bendle. Mr. Bendle has 10 brothers and sisters and looks up to his dad who was a coalminer. Bendle’s most important piece of advice for high schoolers is to have a plan, but don’t settle on a certain career right away. Sheridan is a lucky school to have a phys. ed. teacher and football coach like Mr. Bendle.