Three Tired Seniors

Three anonymous (wink,wink) seniors come together to talk about what they feel like talking about every week. After going through three and a half years of high school these seniors are ready to leave, but that doesn’t mean they are going without leaving an impact on the school.

Welcome to Three Tired Seniors, a podcast every week from three seniors who are willing to talk about anything and everything. These three girls are willing to talk about High School Life, then have a complete 180 and talk about SpongeBob the Brodway Muscial. These podcasts will be 15-45 minutes. The time will be determined by the amount of talking the seniors are willing to do during the sessions that are recorded.

If there is anything you as a listener wants to hear then leave a comment below. We hope that you enjoy our podcast and hope to see you every week.

Drea Nihiser, Emily Pfahl, Jayden Mashcer