Are You Toxic?: How to Maintain A Healthy Relationship

Are You Toxic?: How to Maintain A Healthy Relationship

A toxic relationship is a relationship between two or more people who are constantly fighting or on thin ice with each other but still try to maintain their fling with one another. Toxic relationships are more than common among today’s youth. Social media has made a huge contribution to the increase in toxic relationships in society; specifically in high school relationships. While toxic relationships are a common theme in high school, there are just as many healthy relationships as well.

Some things you can do in order to avoid a toxic relationship, according to the students of Sheridan High , are:

1. Watch for Red Flags

Essentially red flags are the signs you see in someone that are unappealing. Many people choose to ignore red flags, especially if they  are afraid to lose the person.

Red flags can be anything from being overly controlling of ones significant other to making them block people on social media for completely ignorant reasons – only to name a few. There are also the obvious ones such as physical/verbal abuse as well as refusing to let you spend time with your family or close friends.

As awful and obvious as these signs of a toxic relationship sound, many people choose to ignore them fueling their toxic relationship even more. If you watch for red flags, and choose to leave at the first sign of trouble you can easily avoid a toxic relationship.

2. Communicate

Everyone at some point in their life has heard the incredibly cliche phrase “communication is key”; no matter how overused this phrase seems to be it always proves to be true. Whether you are in a healthy or toxic relationship, it is important to communicate with your partner.

Communication is important when discussing trivial issues, but is especially significant when discussing how something affects the way you feel. This can be as simple as having a small conversation about your day with your partner, but truly only works if you respect and listen to what is being said.

Couples often forget to communicate with one another, which may lead to a toxic relationship. As obvious as this may seem communication can affect any relationship, romantic or not, and lack of it could bring about problems. This is one of the many ways to steer clear of a toxic relationship.

3. Be Okay With a Little Space

Giving each other space is part of being in a healthy relationship. People – especially in high school relationships – think they need to spend every second together, maybe in a perfect world that’s true, but in the real world people need time apart.

Space is an important part of a relationship along with spending time together. While giving each other too much space – and not communicating -can actually set be a downfall, allowing your significant other enough space and become their own person is something everyone needs from their partner.

Allowing space also prevents one person from controlling the other; with communication and trust space can actually strengthen a relationship. The saying, “distance makes the heart grow founder,” is just proof that sometimes space is exactly what a couple needs in order to maintain a healthy relationship.

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds

Everyone at some point in their lives has seen toxic relationships. Celebrity relationships -including Kylie Jenner & Tyga and Rihanna & Chris Brown – can be just as toxic as any other relationship if you do not watch for red flags, communicate with your partner, and give them space. Of course everyone talks about the amazing healthy relationships between celebrities, as well, such as: Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds. If everyone were to follow these three tips they can easily avoid being in a toxic relationship ever again.