How To Get A Girlfriend



Now, I know what you are thinking, ” How is a single guy going to help me find a girlfriend. ” Well, let us tell you. Upon travelling around the school, this dynamic duo looked for those of every relationship status. To gather a deeper understanding of how people find that exceptional partner, we asked the simple questions, “what qualities they look for in a person” or “what attracted you to the person you are dating – or married to.” To put the common saying, “single guys give the best advice” to the test, we are going to help you get that hot girl to date you, or at the least help you avoid those awkward conversations.


At first, we voyaged out looking solely for people who have been known to have a long-lasting, happy relationship. However, due to the fact that we are in high school, those were not easy to find. We took the opportunity to broaden our horizon and look to the individuals with a relationship status of single for answers on their lack of a partner. We continued on with our extravagant journey around the school looking for guys who are single and alone, trying to get an answer as to why they thought they were single. As within the video, it didn’t take long to come to a conclusion.

As a final reach within our investigation, we looked to the teachers for an answer as to what made them fall so hard for their partner that marriage became the best option. After all of this I think we finally cracked the code, and hopefully helped you know a little bit more about getting a girlfriend.