“You” have to watch season 2 (spoilers)



Joe Goldberg, now going by the name Will Bettelheim in season 2

The Netflix original series “You” has became a big hit. Discussion concerning the show is  all over social media. The series originally premiered on lifetime in September, but its viewership was virtually nonexistent: roughly 650,000 people were tuning in to each episode of the stalker thriller.

Right after Christmas, something happened. “You” started lighting up on social media. People were searching for it online. Even entertainment websites, like The Ringer, were writing about the show.

When season 2 premiered it finds Joe, the main character, having moved to Los Angeles seeking refuge. Now going by the name Will Bettelheim, he soon scores a job as a book clerk at an upscale grocery store called Anavrin. Before long, a new woman has caught his eyes, leading him down a road similar to the one he just navigated from. He moves to LA because he hates it there, and he doesn’t think Candace will ever look for him among the palm trees and Instagram posts. “When you’re running from someone who thinks they know you, the best place to escape is a city they think you hate,” Joe explains. He states this because Candace drove Joe all the way out west.

The series forces the audience to see things through Joe, a dangerous and damaged sociopath. Joe isn’t the only bad guy around, which gives his act a small “Dexter” vibe. In this case, that includes his interactions with a corrupt celebrity, Chris D’Elia, who harbors an unhealthy interests in women.

The season includes flashbacks that offer further understanding into how Joe became the kind of man he is (not to the point of excusing it, but better understanding what shaped him). “Sometimes, we do bad things for the people we love. It doesn’t mean it’s right, it means love is more important.” This saying from Joe shapes him to be the kind of man he is. He has done some wrong acts in both seasons but he still loves Beck from season 1 and Love from season 2.

“You” season 2 proves season 1 wasn’t lighting up, which makes season three somewhat questionable. It really comes down to how the audience reacts to season 2. Only time will tell.