Criminal Minds



If you like to watch movies or shows about crimes or to just have a good look at Derek Morgan, then watching Criminal Minds is for you. Criminal Minds is just like any other shows that deal with catching a criminal and locking them up but with a twist. The show has an elite team of FBI profilers that analyze Americas most twisted minded criminals.

These high profilers work for the BAU which stands for Behavioral Analysis Unit. A profiler is someone who watches and records suspects psychological and behavioral characteristics. They travel to different states for each case and gather evidence to find the criminal and put the victims families to peace.

The team includes 7 members of the FBI:  Joe Mantegna is David Rossi, Shemar Moore as Derek Morgan, Matthew Gray Gubler as Spencer Reid, A.J Cook as Jennifer Jareau or also known as “JJ”, Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia, Jeanne Tripplehorn as Alex Blake, and Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner.

Hotchner is the unit chief of the BAU team so when there is a case he is the one to assign the team members what they are supposed to do when they arrive at the area of the crime.

The rest of the team throughout the seasons study the victim and understand why the suspect targeted the person. Spencer Reid is the brains of all this process and he is the OCD character  that catches every minute detail.


Penelope Garcia is the girl who works behind the scenes. She does all the computer work and finds the background information about the people that have committed the crimes. Her style of clothing and the way she does her hair makes her unique and very interesting. The relationship between her and Derek Morgan represents a complex friendship.

Here is a little appreciation to my favorite character in the show Derek Morgan: He is the one that goes hard and is a little bit more aggressive towards the criminals when they catch them. the reason for him being so aggressive is because he wants them to confess to what they do.

He comes from a really rough childhood as you will learn from the first season on. His childhood made him want to put these criminals in the right place and bring justice to the families.  “No matter how awful you think it is, I promise you; you are not alone.” This is what Derek  said when one of the agents was going through a hard time trying to forget about a case that was traumatizing for her to cope with.




The show is about the relationship between all the team members and their personal lives. The complex relationships and real-world issues, combine with their personal lives and how it impacts them, makes this a special show.