Disney+ Review


Is Disney+ worth the money? Disney+ came out November 12, 2019, and immediately skyrocketed. Now, with over 600 movies and shows including – Pixar, Disney, Marvel, ect. – have left people have their opinion of the streaming service.

The large draw for Disney+ is that it has basically anything Disney has made, from Movies to shows, are included within. In addition, the streaming service provides: brand new Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney Channel shows.  One of the most concerning element when the service was first announced was the price they were going to charge. As a pleasant surprise, this streaming service was ultimately inexpensive. The price to get a regular plan through Disney+ is only $6.99 each month or 69.99 a year. Though it has only been available for 3 Months, it has already brought in an  estimated 300 million dollars. Many families have purchased Disney+ for their younger children, but it is honestly for any age group. Another plus to the service is that it is available on everything from Andriod, Apple TV, Andriod TV, Xbox, to Playstation.

Disney+ has many pros, but it does have its cons. The streaming service can be a bit buggy. You will see titles that peak your interest only to click on them to find the title unavailable. There has also been some instances where people have been in the middle of a show and/or movie that has since been taken off. Though the service has only been out for a short time, some movies/shows already have expiration dates for when they want to take them off.

The confusing layout of the service is only adding to the issues people are finding. When asked, multiple people believed that Disney+ is tricky to understand. Makenna Patenaude -for instance- stated,”one thing that is really frustrating is no matter what service you have, or where you are at it always takes forever to load.” Viewers have been complaining that they at first loved Disney+, until their account got hacked. A Facebook review had said, “I loved Disney+ for less than a week. Then my account got hacked and I sat on chat with them for 4 hours then got disconnected.”

Disney+ may have its pros and cons, but the streaming service is overall doing very well. I have heard many great reviews about Disney+. If you are interested in purchasing this streaming service I highly recommend to purchase if have a family or even if you are a child at heart. The service definitely has room to improve, as a result, I would give this service an overall 3 out of 5 stars.