A day in the life of the Sheridan Show Choir: Competition Day!!!


Mrs. Mcclain

When you think about Show Choir, what comes to mind? Fun costumes, weird props, endless rehearsals, or maybe you think of competitions.

Competition season is from January to March, and tend to have three competitions a month. Our first competition was on the 11th of January in Alliance, Ohio – one of our closer competitions being about 2 1/2 hours away. Competitions are by far one of the best parts of show choir. Not only do we gain the ability meet new people from other choirs around the country, but we also see all of our hard work pay off. The people I have gotten the opportunity to meet throughout these four years have truly opened my eyes to just how different other peoples’ lives are compared to mine. Another portion of competitions that help make it all worth it are the awards. The awards the show choir have won have shown me how to be a humble person while staying proud of the work I create. Below is just a portion of what we – as a choir – go through on these long weekends that harbor our competitions.

Happiness, loathing, exhaustion: all of these emotions and more happen on competition days. After watching this video, I hope your view on show choir has changed. Competitions are long and stressful, and I hope that if more people knew about what happened throughout the day they would respect the show choir just a little bit more. Show choir is one of the biggest parts of so many lives, and I would hope that this article helped explain one of the many reasons why I love it.

Casey Patterson and Jayden Masher