Iran and American Tensions Rising


America vs. Iran

The new year is already off to a rocky start. On Tuesday January 7th, 2020, or early Wednesday morning in Iraq, Iran fired 15 missiles at two military bases in Iraq that are currently housing United States troops. Ten of them hit the Al Asad air base about 100 miles west of Baghdad and one hit the Erbil base in Northern Iraq. The other four missiles failed in flight. Luckily the United states radar tracked the missiles in mid-flight and the troops currently stationed there had time to take cover. This ultimately saved lives and allowed the U.S. to avoid casualties.

The missiles were said to have been funded by the 150 billion dollars that the Obama administrative gave to Iran during the Iran-Nuclear deal.  Iranian supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, called this attack on America a “slap on the face”, but they do not want to take any further action unless provoked. Khamenei said that this attack, which has been the most direct attack from Iran on America since 1979, was revenge for the killing of their Major General Qassem Soleimani. He was killed by a drone attack approved by President Trump on Friday January 3rd, 2020. Trump believed that he must be killed because he was responsible for many innocent deaths and may have been planing attacks on American troops. The combination of these two events were quickly leading to a volatile situation that could easily turn into war. This quickly changed with the destruction of Ukrainian flight 737.
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Ukrainian Airline 752

On the same day, Ukrainian airline 737 went down just hours after the missiles were fired. The crash occurred in the outskirts of Tehran killing all 176 people aboard. Among those 176 people there were multiple children, entire families, and a newly wed couple. Iran originally blamed the crash on technical problems and human error, but early in the morning on Saturday January the 11th, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Hossein Salami  admitted that they had shot down the plane. They said that it was unintentional and they are deeply sorry. This situation quickly became more global as there were 63 Canadians aboard the plane. The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Saturday that he will not rest until they get the “accountability, justice and closure that the families of victims deserve.”
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Mourners remembering the victims lost on Airlines 752.

The Canadian Prime Minister wasn’t the only one who was upset about this. Sweden’s Prime Minister, Stefan Lofven, said Saturday, while giving a speech, that Iran must take full responsibility of its actions. Sweden had 10 people of their own on the plane. Top officials at the Ukrainian airline also criticize Iran for not closing their airport before sending out the missiles. Iran officials continuously apologize for the disaster and say it was never intended and they don’t want to drag innocent civilians into the violence.

So where is this whole thing going? Is there going to be war? Some people believe that the tension between America and Iran is going to lead to World War III. However, Iran has not done anything since Tuesday and they appear to be standing down as of right now. Tensions are at a low as of now with people mourning the loses of the crash. However, neither side is afraid to fight back if provoked.