Beetlejuice: the Musical, one of the newest musicals to sweep the nation, is a revamp of the 1988 motion picture Beetlejuice, and while it takes a few liberties from the original movie as it is far from being boring. The whole show isn’t in any way, shape, or form about rainbows and unicorns. This creation shows the audience the everyday struggle of grieving through the eye’s of Lidia after the death of her mother. Only after she finds some unusual new friends along the way, does she truly see a world worth living for.

Lidia and her Father are at odds as the musical starts. She feels that her father does not care about her mother’s death and only about his job. She feels as if she is on an island all by herself and no one really wants to be around her. Lidia meets many different characters as the story goes along. With every interaction, she learns something new about what is around her, and proceeds to take a realistic out look on the world. Long story short, she doesn’t want people to baby her through this  tragedy.

As shown above, this production touches on hard, sensitive topics in a comedic way that keeps the interest of the viewer with out dragging down the mood. Beetlejuice touches on depression, death, suicide, and loneliness showing a new side on how to think of these melancholy topics. This musical aims to get the point of you only live once and that “life is short, but death is super long” as said in the song “What I Know Now” – sung by people who all felt they died too soon.

Everyone is getting in on the fun and excitement of this musical. Student Ashley James stated, “It is relatable and I can find joy in the darkness of this musical.” More and more people get involved in this show as time goes on. “This is a great musical with new sound, it does not follow the normal flow of a musical” as said by Margaret Stowell. It is a beautiful mashup of an older movie getting a new spin and I would highly recommend everyone give it a chance.