(Final)The Impeachment Of Trump: Is It Going To Happen Or No?


The topic of impeaching Trump has been buzzing for the past weeks, with all of the opinions, debates, conflicts, and confusion, on December 18th, 2019 we will figure out if the 3rd impeachment of U.S history will occur.

There are many opinions being spoken of throughout the country. I took a closer look at it all and went through Sheridan High School to receive a range of  thoughts from a few students. I also posted a poll on my Instagram story, asking if they think Trump will be impeached or not. The votes were very close but ‘ yes ‘ did take the lead with 54%, while ‘ no ‘ came out to be 46% .

The first student I asked was Beau Hatem. He said ” I do not think that they will impeach Trump because I don’t think they have enough evidence and the senate won’t approve.” Then later on during the interview he said ” I still don’t like him because he has not followed through with his campaign promises.” . Secondly I asked Zoey Worstall. She exclaimed ” I don’t think it will happen because they don’t have any actual proof of him doing anything wrong, this wont change my opinion on him.”.

Although the majority of the answers I received from Sheridan students were no, some students such as Nic Black stated ” I honestly think that he will be impeached because there is some pretty solid evidence against him doing some bad stuff.”

In my opinion the whole discussion is overrated. I don’t think impeachment should be a thing. Once you vote to make a person president that’s on you. You should not be able to just vote to remove him once you voted to bring him in. I feel that everyone was expecting so much from Trump but did not give him enough time to really accomplish the things they are wanting. Everyone expects presidents to be superheros and its not like that at all. I agree with some people when they say that Trump is over using his power against people he is against but everyone knew his beliefs before they voted for him and they still picked him to be the head of our country.