The Snapping History of Thanos



The History of Thanos and where he started (<add something more here to really catch the readers attention. An example would be “After seeing the affects of the MCU movies its hard not to look at the main villains intentions and see where he started out. Lets find out together the history of one of our favorite villains from the Marvel Universe.)


The creation of Thanos happened back in 1973 and is based of a character from new gods. His character is was based on is matron and was made by James Kirby. Thanos made his first day view in 1973 in The Incredible Iron, issue #55.  Although thanos may be a villain he has fought along side of the avengers. His story started when he carried the mutant gene is his race and the species he was born into was known as the alertness. A generic superhuman race based on Saturn’s biggest moon known as titan. The infinity stones were once known as the gems and as we all know it took more than a decade to build him to capture all while in the comics only a couple issues to capture all the stones. Thanos got his name came from the Greek god named Thanatos, also known the the world destroyer.

Thanos’ goal is different than any villain with his motives being trying to impress Mistress Death. Although he may be one of the strongest in the universe his goals is to destroy the universe and everybody in it including his self. Thanos has also appeared in a number of other things as well a number of TV shows and in some games as well. thanos also shares a number of similarity’s  to other heroes  in the marvel comics as well hes a mutant. the same as Charles Xavier Cyclops and wolverine. When dead pool was trying to win the affection of lady death thanos cursed to eternal live was what had happened to him. In fact thanos also has a brother named Eros as his name means is the survive at all cost; the opposite of Thanos’ name.

Thanos also has a son whose name is Thane. Thane was born from an unnamed woman being the birth mother. While Thanos is known is the big villain of the MCU he has, also done a lot of good things as well. In the comics known as Thanos: The End Thanos and the avengers took on a cosmic threat known as the annihilation. As the story advanced on it became clear that the story wasn’t going to become a happy ending. The Battle between Thanos and Annihilation wasn’t going to be pretty. As Annihilation was defeated and Thanos got a hold of the cosmic cube and the only way to save the universe was to reset it and that is what he did ending his life and the avengers as well but he saved the universe.