How to Live a Happier Life


” If you want to live a happy life tie it to a goal, not people or things.” – Albert Einstein. Happiness is craved by many people but they don’t put the effort in to change their mindset or feelings toward life. Being happy all the time is not realistic but being sad all the time should not be an option. People will often complain about life and complain about how they are tired of being sad but don’t do anything to help that. In this article, I am going to give you advice on how to be happy and live a happy life.

1.)  Stick to yourself

Often times people are sad because of the absence of a person that was once in their life is now gone. When you lose a significant other, a friend, or even a family member, it tends to put stress on you and can ruin your mental state. One way to fix that would be to focus on yourself before others. That may sound selfish but it’s genuinely a good thing to do. You can’t be fully happy with anyone else until you are happy with yourself. In the end, you only have yourself and nobody is worth having bad mental health because once they leave you’re going to be stuck with the same unhappy you.

2.) Do what YOU love

Surrounding yourself with hobbies and things you like will help keep you be in a positive mood and greatly increase your good days over bad days. You should live your life doing what you want to do, not what you’re told you should want to do. Find things that you enjoy doing and do them until you can’t do them anymore. Don’t feel pressured to do the things that other people like and not what you like just because everyone else is doing something different than you. Your mental health depends on you and you only.

3.) Make your environment pleasing to you

Filling your room, home, or even your work space with things that help boost your happiness is a huge way to make yourself happier. Find colors, scents, music, plants etc. that make you feel at peace to fill your environment with. The color yellow is a really big mood boosting color, it is bright and sends signs to your brain that you should be happy and carefree. Another tip is using essential oil diffusers. The scent lavender boosts your mood and Bergamot oil is a huge stress reliever.

4.) Choose your friends wisely

You are made up of the five people you spend the most of your time with so choosing them wisely is a big deal.If you surround yourself with people who complain a ll the time, you will inevitably complain on a regular basis. If they are lazy, you will become lazy. If they are not concerned about their happiness and mental health, you will tend to not be concerned about your happiness and mental health. It is very hard to remain in a good state of mind when you are constantly surrounded by people who are not.

5.) Replace bad thoughts with good habits

Bad habits often bring your mental health and thoughts down. Replacing your bad habits and thoughts with positive attitudes make your life so much easier and happier, Sometimes its hard to do so but with strength and dedication you will get there. Habits in general can mess up your mind set but you should shoot for good habits over bad.

Being happy isn’t going to come easy, but if you use these 5 tips to help better your mental state then you will get closer and closer everyday. You can’t just expect to wake up one day and have a happier life; you have to work to get to the place you want to be.