Football, Just Kidding I just Wanted You To Read This Article


Sports at Sheridan is everything. You always hear about how the football team either won or lost the game on Friday. Or how the basketball team is going to state. You even hear about who did the best at the last track meet. All of these sports always get so much funding from the school and sponsors. But do we ever hear about other activities in Sheridan?

All the other activities that go on in Sheridan are talked about so little that most people don’t even know they are provided. If it weren’t for the people who actually are in that activity, you probably wouldn’t know it’s offered.

The music program in Sheridan is a perfect example. There are four different music programs all together.  The marching band, Chambers Singers, Women’s Ensemble, Symphonic, and the Show Choir (also know as The Northern Stars). The choirs get an incredibly small amount of funding from the school. Throughout the school year, the choirs have multiple fundraisers just to raise enough money for that one school year. Chambers singer have to raise their own money just to be able to go to contests and group performances. The Chambers have to raise about $400-500 all on there own. The Northern Stars have to raise money for various reason. They raise money for their multiple outfits and uniforms, their shoes, the props they use, and to be able to compete against other shows choirs everywhere. Altogether the show choir has to raise about $50,000 for everything. Iyannah, a member of the show choir, said: ” We work so hard to perfect every step, every position, and every song and not get enough credit for it all. We practice almost everyday after school and sometimes even on the weekend.” They all put in months of hard work to make sure everything goes smoothly.

The band used to represent Sheridan is known as The Marching Generals. The band doesn’t get that much funding from the school, but they do have their band boosters. The Marching Generals spends so much time on practicing and perfecting every note to so whenever they play they have a perfect performance. The money they make goes toward their uniforms, new and replacement of instruments, and also the activities they show up to and play at. The Color Guard is also a small part of the Marching Generals. They get the least amount of funding, if any at all. The Color Guard is also a big part of The Marching Generals but has the least amount of funding from the school. Sequoia Hamilton, one of the freshman who is in the marching band and in the color guard said, “I don’t understand why the school can’t fund us a little more since they have so much money to spend on sports all alone.” They end up holding most fundraisers throughout the whole school year. Sports on the other hand gets multiple boosters, sponsors, and a lot of funding from the school.

Sheridan offers many sports that you can join- football, track, softball, baseball, soccer, golf, and even wrestling. All of these sports collect so much funding from the school and it doesn’t even cost that much. The school is so biased about who they fund, and give their money to. It’s not fair to the other activities that go on in the school. They all work equally as hard and deserve to be treated the same. Every activity in Sheridan, small or large, deserve the same treatment that all the sports get.