Hunting – Make it a Duck

As a kid, I found hunting very peaceful and calming. Don’t get me wrong, it takes skill and there are times that it simply does not work out.  You can’t just go outside with a shotgun and shoot a nice buck (male whitetail) or a drake mallard. It takes time and practice.  For those wanting to hunt, the good news it that there are many animals in Ohio you can hunt. Some animals are always in season like coyotes or feral pigs. So no matter what time of year you want to hunt, there is always a season or animal to chase.

One of my favorite things to hunt are ducks because you don’t have to be quiet. Splash, scream, yell, or bark – but whatever you do for the love of god get that duck! Follow the below advice and your sure to improve your duck hunting.

 The Spot and Species

The first step is to find the right spot for the right birds. A major factor in finding them is migration – if it’s really warm the ducks will be up in Canada so you are not going to find them in Ohio.  For example, Wood Ducks enjoy marshes and swamp like places because they tend to hang out in mixed water habitats and forests.  The best time to hunt is during during the migration when all the birds are moving or in the first split which is in October 26 to November 3 . Too the right is a picture of mallard with 3 drakes and a hen

The Gun

The second and the most important step is the gun. In duck hunting you want a gun that can hold 3 shells and is light and accurate. Were not looking for a .50 cal here! You want a light and accurate gun so you can draw it fast and you want accuracy so you can hit those birds that are out a little farther. The gauge is shot is also important. The most popular gauge is the 12 gauge because it has the power to reach out to those father birds and still has power to drop them easier than a 20 gauge. Depending on the type of duck your hunting deter mends of the type of shot. For dabblers you want 1 or 2 shot and for divers you want 3 or 4 shot and shot goes the higher the number bigger the bullet inside. the type of gun is important to like most people hunt with a semi auto shotgun but pumps are popular to. A semi auto is a gas powered shotgun that when ever you shoot the gun the gas from the shell forces the slide back to reload an other shell

The Clothing

The clothing isn’t as important because it depends on if you are hunting in a blind or just in cover but you never want to wear bright colored clothing like red or blue; you want to wear brown, black or camo. A blind is very useful as it makes hiding very easy; you just have to put the blind in a good spot like in a shadow. If you put a blind in sunlight then the blind will stick out like a sore thumb.

The Dog

In duck hunting it is very popular to use a dog so when you blast a duck out if the sky the dog can go retrieve it so you can keep killing birds. Popular dogs for duck hunting are black labs or golden retriever because they are good water dogs. you don’t want to take an american bull dog duck hunting because its not a good swimmer. Too the right is a picture of a golden retriever waiting for his queue to get the ducks.

The Calls

In duck hunting the duck call is important because when the ducks are flying around the decoys and aren’t landing the call sometimes convince the ducks that the decoys are actual ducks. The duck call is very important along with the brand of the duck call. Some duck calls come with a high price and a low reward or a high price and a big reward then some come with a low price and a low or high reward. The type of duck calls depend on the type of duck your hunting, like the duck whistles are good for wood ducks and the normal duck calls are good for mallards.