How to Get Over a Breakup

Your bitter heartbreak can sometimes seem like the center of the universe after you and the person you love split up. And it may seem as if you will never get over the loss of a lover but, there are always ways to overcome this obstacle.

Most websites say that one of the first steps to recovering from a breakup  is rebuilding your self esteem. After someone you care about decides to end your the relationship, you begin to start doubting yourself. You ask yourself over and over, “what could I have done to make things end the way they did?” But most of the time, it isn’t something you did, it is just simply that the person didn’t want to be with you anymore. Don’t let yourself start picking away at your personality, or your physical appearance, because it will lead to you ultimately lowering your self esteem. And if you do feel bad about yourself, do positive things to improve yourself rather than putting yourself down. Join a gym or yoga class, try a new diet, take college classes, anything that will help you prove to yourself that you are enough.Image result for images of breakups

One of the other things you should do after a breakup is, let yourself feel the emotions and give yourself time to grieve. Dating expert Charly Lester says that, “You need to grieve the loss almost as you would a death”. You need to take your time to accept that the person is gone and you need to let your life keep functioning without them, because the truth is, no matter what pain you’re in, life doesn’t stop for anyone.

It’s okay to feel the pain of the breakup, and it is okay to take a few days or even a few weeks to not be yourself, but at the same time don’t make reckless decisions that you will regret later on. Don’t go on cliche sprees of over or under eating, don’t look for one night stands to numb the pain, and don’t make self destructive decisions. It will get better with time, so take a deep breathe and everything will be okay.