Automobile, I mean Auto-correct*

Automobile, I mean Auto-correct*
Have you ever sent a text only to realize that it’s not even close to what you said. This happens due to auto-correct, the most irritating thing your phone can do. You can be sending a heartfelt or serious message and then it instantly sounds like all credibility is taken away from you. Huge parts of your message are changed into words you never intended to write. If it didn’t happen so frequently, it might be reasonable. The more it happens the more it annoys you.
When you have to correct multiple words after sending a serious message, the text doesn’t pack as much of a punch. This is especially true when your text will really hit someone, say you tell someone “I love you” but it auto-corrects to “I love moo” and you have to correct that. What’s even worse is if you’re telling them for the first time and then your confidence is lost so you just have to say never mind.
Secondly, this happens a lot. If auto-correct occurred less it would be less annoying, but that just can’t be the case. When you do turn down the auto-correct level it doesn’t auto-correct enough, so there is no winning with this. You could turn auto-correct off, but then you will have to either spell check everything yourself or just let words look like gibberish. “It just makes texting situations worse or extensively hilarious. Still, auto-correct is an abomination.”
When you use a word too much, the word becomes a top word. This means everything auto-corrects to that one word. This is really annoying and always happens. You then have to delete messages really quick at times for this reason because it will say a name or something else. This can be bad if you’re talking a lot about someone then accidentally send that to another person. Auto-correct can cause a lot of problems with situations such as this, for example maybe you are texting your girlfriend or boyfriend and it auto-corrects to this celebrity you’ve been kind of obsessed with lately. They may think you’re talking to someone else and not believe your story, just like that auto-correct ruins something for you.
Altogether this is aggravating and very annoying. You have auto-correct systems that don’t even work correctly. You try and say one thing and then it corrects to the complete opposite of what you were trying to say. “When something that is supposed to make your life easier ends up being a chronic pain in the butt – then we have a major problem.” The point is that auto-correct in a whole is a flawed system since the computers can’t read your mind to see what you are trying to type. We keep this system since in reality most of us need it if we want have grammatically correct sentences; we aren’t all human dictionaries. Therefore while auto-correct isn’t perfect we won’t ever get rid, only hope to continue to improve it with time.