Know The Facts First

You should always know the facts before you make assumptions. You never know what people are going through. Perhaps, there is a person who is in your school that isn’t having the best hair day. Instead of just keeping to yourself, you announce it to the whole class. Maybe your whole class does end up laughing at that and then that kid is upset and puts their hood up. Now, you have hurt their feelings, and maybe you feel a little better about yourself. Even though you think that this is hilarious, you don’t know what that person has been through. Perhaps that individual’s family fights and he/she was trying to get some sleep but just couldn’t. Then, maybe they woke up late and didn’t have time to fix their hair or just really didn’t care because they were so tired. You never know what’s happening in a person’s life.

A child’s mother and father fighting.

When you look at someone, you should never automatically just assume how they act or how they are towards other people. You need to get to know them for who they are on the inside, not on the outside, because you might just find that you have quite a bit in common. Some people hide who they are because they are afraid of how people view and judge them. A 9th grade student from Sheridan High School, Brooke Dixon, says that on a scale of 1-10 of how stressed are you in school, she is a 5. She says, “some of that stress is from getting my work done on time, but it is also from what others think of me.” So many people deal with the same problems as this student. They have so much stress in their life, whether it be with work or school, but also they stress about pleasing others and making sure that they don’t think badly about them.

Girl being bullied because of her clothes.

Everyone experiences peer pressure in their lifetime. Some feel like they have to dress like everyone else just to fit in. Some can’t afford to dress like everyone else, so they feel out of place. Elizabeth Davis, a 9th grade student at Sheridan, said, “I feel stressed because of what others think. I feel like I have to dress a certain way just to fit in.” Quite a bit of  people feel this stress and on top of all of that, they get picked on by others. This leads them to take extreme measures.

Due to the pressure and bullying, many people get depressed and have  suicidal thoughts. A little over 14% of students in high school consider suicide and approximately 7% of them attempt suicide. It could be the other way around as well. It could possibly be that the person that is doing the bullying is the one that is being abused. Data shows that those who bully are far more likely than average to have experienced a stressful or traumatic situation in the past 5 years. Maybe, they are jealous of what you have that they do not. Instead of being extremely mad and upset and starting something with them, or even hating them forever, you could sit them down and talk to them. You should ask them why? After all, they most likely just want someone to listen to them. Afterwards, they might end up being your best friend.

Everyone has their own stories. Some great, some not so great. Some people keep up a better appearance than others, but we should not be judged on that. Instead, we should embrace who we are on the inside. We should only focus on the true you or focus on who you want to be. Never judge a book by its cover. Instead of judging them, maybe you should just accept them and who they truly are, because you never know what it’s like to be in their shoes.