Backlash: What happens online doesn’t always stay online

Backlash: What happens online doesn't always stay online

Do you love to read in your pass time? Is your favorite genre realistic fiction? Well, then you should read the book Backlash by Sarah Darer Littman. This book that was published in 2015 was a really enjoyable book. So, if you ever get the chance you should sit down and read this book for hours, because you will not want to put it down.

The author of the book Backlash, Sarah Darer Littman.


Main Characters: Laura Kelly and Breanna Connors

Supporting Characters: Sydney (Laura’s younger sister), Liam (Bree’s younger brother), and their parents.


An urban suburb. This would include the school called Lake Hills, The hospital, and Bree and Laura’s’ houses.


The book begins with Laura upset over a horrible text she received  from a character named Christian.

A girl who is being cyber bullied.

As a result, she went to the bathroom and overdosed. Her sister, Sydney, found her and they rushed her to the hospital. Sydney was agitated because she figured Laura was making a scene to get attention. After a long period of time, Laura wakes up and realizes she not dead. She was extremely upset because the pills didn’t kill her.

After the big scare was over with and Laura wakes up, the book goes back in time and explains what all led up to this. The book explains how Laura and Bree used to be best friends up until high school. When the two girls arrived at high school, Bree decided to leave Laura because of her depression and making everything all about her. Nevertheless, everything was starting to become better for Laura after Bree left her. She made the cheer team and started gaining more friends.

However, Bree was jealous of this and created a fake profile account of an Abercrombie model named Christian. Through the profile Bree would start texting Laura trying to make her think that this guy was into her. Bree did this for an extent of time and even her mom joined in. Even though they had their secret mostly hidden and secure, eventually everyone figured out that Christian was really Bree and her mom and everyone turned their backs on them.


In the end of the book, Laura goes back to cheer leading. She puts an end to her depression and lives a perfectly happy life. Then, she bumps into Bree at a football game, who is on a dance team for the opposing team. They talked for a few minutes and skipped around the fact of what happened. Finally, Laura was asked to the Homecoming dance by one of her best friends that stuck with her this whole time. She said in the last few words “Today I’m grateful that the pills didn’t work.”


I thought that this book was astonishing. It was one of the best books I have ever read. It kept me on the edge of my seat and reading all the way until the last few words. Publishers Weekly said,”Littman’s pens a raw, frightening realistic, and absorbing look at cyber bullying and the damaging effects of airing private trauma in a public forum.” I really enjoyed how the book was laid out. It started right into the book by talking about Laura and what she did and then explained why. Then, it explains what happened afterwards. This was hands down a fantastic book and I would absolutely suggest people read it.