The lore behind the fallout series


Brandon Skinner

A story that takes you through the aftermath of a nationwide nuclear bombing. Factions that have separated the land. A lone survivor of the base.  A series of deeply though out wars and a technology all it’s own. Welcome to Fallout.

The Fallout series started on October 22, 2077, a week before Halloween. In fallout 4, we meet our character, the only one known of who having watched the bombs fall and lived to tell the tale. Prior to the dropping of the bombs, a devastating war was raging on between the U.S and the Chinese. With a leap to pull ahead, the Chinese launched a full on attack of Anchorage, Alaska. With the new technologies of war, the Chinese took the lead and would change the fate of the United States forever.

The History of Fallout

When the first Fallout game came out all the way back in 1997 it was an over the top RPG game in which the player must wonder the nuclear wasteland known as the commonwealth, or the once America. The game starts out in the year 2182 when the player is sent into the wasteland to find a water chip. While the player is out, a NPC (None Playable Character) appears across the land called shady sands, or NCR (New California Republic). As the game progresses, and the player gets stronger, your character will come across the Master, the final boss of the game. His army, as you learn, controlled quite a bit of land within the game from Eastern Florida all the way to Oklahoma.

While the Master was a strong military opponent, the real enemy ended up being the Vault Dweller for it had skillfully defeated the Master in an intense battle. Thus causing the beginning to the end for his armies. Fallout 2 (1998) continued the story of the player looking for the water chip. As the story progressed, your character ended up being betrayed by the vault itself. As the game continues on, the player will eventually run back into the NCR. Your player, much later in the game, will end up siding with this force to fight the enclave, another faction within the game. Once the player engages with the enclave, they will be transported to the Poseidon oil rig, the enclave’s biggest base. The enclave, after the world was plunged into chaos, was the last of the remaining members of the american government and continued to be one of the most technological advanced group of people in the wasteland.

The War of the Factions of Fallout

Brandon Skinner

Within the Fallout universe, there are many factions that rule over the world. A few examples being the Brotherhood, the Enclave, The Brotherhood of Steel, and the Great Khans. However, the one in which stands out the most is the NCR . The group is located in the southern portion of California near the border of Mexico and Arizona. During the first Fallout game, the NCR had yet to be formed. The group would later form 24 years after the events of that such game. As the NCR grew in size, they began to absorb more of the tribes. With these tribes, came a new amount of weapons and equipment.

As the time, and game, progressed on the player is immersed into one of the most intense battles within the game.  This battle in particular occurred in the year of 2242. With the enclave’s undefeated record, it was a  miracle when the NCR launched such an offensive attack on their oil rig. With a force of 250,ooo troops and rangers, they managed to defeat the enclave for the first time in Fallout history. With defeat inevitable, the enclave decided to take drastic measures. With one last effort to stop the NCR from taking over the rig, they blew it up. Following the battle, the NCR gained the ability to take a lot of technology with them. This including their Ospreys (a military aircraft with both vertical landing and takeoff). 2242 was one of the most eventful year and would mark the one of the only a few defeats at the hands of the NCR.

As the game progressed you realized that the factions were locked in a stalemate. The enclave was far more advanced than the other but the NCR had more numbers and a clear land advantage. Navarro, another battle fought near the oil rig, was yet again a stunning defeat for the Enclave. This defeat allowed the NCR to move into  the center of  power amongst the factions. While the enclave continued to be a very powerful faction, there defeat in 2242 lost them a majority of the power they had gained.

Most Brotherhood of Steel members were then set out to search for pre-war advanced technology. Around 2277 the brotherhood split down the middle with half of there faction leaving. With half of there power gone, the brotherhood was caught by surprise when the enclave attacked. The attack was planned by the president of the enclave. The advancing faction traveled deep into brotherhood territory with win after win. Fate looked grim with the brotherhood on there knees and about the lose everything they had worked for. It would take a miracle to win against the enclave, but luck was on the brotherhood’s side when the Vault Dweller sided with them.

As the war waged on, the brotherhood started to take the reigns and began to beat the enclave back. They had nearly ended the war when liberty came close to raven rock. However, about two years later the brotherhood lost there most valuable member, Liberty Prime, when the enclave used there exceptionally powerful tech known as The V-sat. Although the enclave took out Liberty Prime, they still fell and lost there grip on the capital wasteland. With this defeat, the enclave was forced to retreat back to the Midwest and if there faction is still around is a mystery.

Vault Tech and Their Experiments.
Flyer for Vault-Tec

Vault tech is by far the most influential company within the series. Without Vault Tech, Fallout just wouldn’t be the same. Most of the vaults which appear within the series were experiments simply meant to protect the people from the nuclear war going on. One of the most sadistic vault experiments was Vault 11. Although many people were admitted to this vault, most ended up dying due to the vault’s demand that the people needed to elect one of their own in order to survive for another year. The player comes across this devastating experiment during the game Fallout: New Vegas. As time went on, the Vault Dwellers became more and more resilient to this demand. They were simply tired of sacrificing each other and proceeded to revolted. This last effort ended in success when the Vault Dweller’s took it upon themselves to put an end the new overseer of the vault.

As the revolt came to an end the people of the vaults realized that they didn’t have to kill anybody. That there efforts were all part of a test. As the finally leg of the revolt came to an end, a startling voice came over the intercom congratulating them all on their success. Vault Tech was commissioned to built around 122 vault to preserve the people. With this commission, Vault Tech was given permission to “mess” within the people within. This permission was often referred to as the “Societal Preservation Program.” In addition, Vault Tech was able to selected the vaults they wished to experiment on. For example, vault 92.

Vault 92 was designed to make super soldiers. Unsuspecting members admitted this vault were forced to take vials of FEV, Forced Evolutionary Virus, in which started their transformation. However, like in many dystopian set wastelands, the drug failed and caused the people to merge with computers. Those who did not merge turned into super mutants. One notable super mutant was Frank Hogan. Hogan was taken by the enclave who, in turn, quickly rose to the most strongest in the wasteland. Hogan went mad from performing the enclave’s dirty work. By the year 2242, Hogan had met his match when the player meets up within at the end of Fallout 2. Following an intense battle, the player must kill Hogan to finish said game.

Another vault I feel is worth mentioning is vault 111. Vault 111 took the people who had signed up to be given a spot within the vault. Once inside, the people of the vault were frozen through a cryogenic freeze. After a large of time had passed the player of fallout 4 awakes to see his or her spouse and son be murdered then being taken away by a guy named Kellogg. The player, at the time, is unable to move. They are still frozen and lose consciousness again following this event. Fast forward roughly 60 years.  The player only then truly wakes up only to find that they are the only survivor.

Spore carrier within Fallout

The last vault I will mention is vault 22. Vault 22 was known amongst the people for its vast amount of plants within. The plants, and staff which watch over them, quickly began to adapt into spore carriers. When the player first interacts with the spore carriers, specifically Dr. Klein, one may think they are the good guys. Well that is until Dr. Mobis tells you of their plans and the horrors they have caused.  For example, the lobotomies they have preformed and the Nightsalkers the created. All of which were created by Dr. Klein and his band of followers. If his reign continued to progress, he wished to turn the entire  Mojave desert into one giant testing ground.

From an intense background to a technology unlike any other, the Fallout universe is far from your standard dystopian video game. I personally believe that with the combination of great mechanics, a massive open world, and a background like no other, Fallout has an element for everyone. I would recommend any of the many Fallout games to anyone who wishes to explore a new world that consequences truly matter.