The Cult of Tik Tok E-boys


In 2014 an app  called “” launched and teens became famous for what one can only describe as lip syncing. It was a big deal for almost a year and everyone slowly faded away from it, Then this year, around April, “Tik Tok” bought out and became immensely popular. It quickly became more than just lip syncing; it was dark humor based around short video clips no more than 60 seconds – much like vine. This created a social media frenzy within current high school culture.

Within Tik Tok, E-boys quickly became an obsession. The definition of E-boy, according to Urban Dictionary is “A boy who has black painted nails, skates, wears black clothes and chains and beanies, and they sometimes have their hair parted down the middle, and the are usually really pale. They have striped long sleeves or checkered sweaters under their T-shirt’s. They listen to music you “probably haven’t heard of” AKA Lil Peep. They complain about not having a goth girlfriend and seem to only exist on the internet (mostly Instagram and Tik Tok nowadays).

The basic Tik Tok E-boy is a boy who really just shows off for the other girls on Tik Tok. They all have the certain black t-shirt over a striped long sleeve with chain necklaces. They are the opposite of VSCO girls, but the male version. Many girls are obsessed with the E-boys, feeding into the  attention seeking gratification that plays such a dominant role in what they are doing. There are a plethora of comments on their videos about how attractive they are or how girls want to be their girlfriend. Most of their videos include them smiling at the camera for a whole 30 seconds, sticking their tongue out, or winking and playing with their hair.  Some girls do find E-boy culture cringey but they are the minority.

The Cult of Tik Tok E-boys is breaking the internet. One has to ask what this says about our current culture. It certainly plays into a social media hype that has overtaken middle and high school populations. I personally wish they would “tik tok” their way out of style – and in a timely fashion.