The Perry County Suicide Prevention Coalition

The Perry County Suicide Prevention Coalition

A few people throughout Perry County have came together to form a group to travel from place to place in the county to spread awareness that suicide is not an option and that someone is always there for you to talk to when things get hard. They come together and hold events such as races and set up prevention tables at local pools and football games. They give away handouts that contain the suicide prevention hotline and little toys such as foam footballs and bubbles for the little kids who come up to the table.

One of the most successful events they have held in the past would have to be the New Lexington pool party. They setup a table to hand out suicide awareness information and handed out free pizza and water to the people who attended. They also payed for everyone’s admission to enter the pool that day. There were approximately 60+ people there and about 12 workers. They went through about 40 pizzas and handed out several packets of information.

They had recently set up a table at the most recent Sheridan home football game and had their t- shirts for sale. They received a plentiful amount of recognition by parents and staff who walked by the booth reminding them why they do what they do. It was nice seeing people I attend school with being so supportive and open minded.

They prioritize sharing information of what they do and why they do it because you never know who is struggling behind closed doors and needs the support but is too scared or embarrassed to ask for it. You never know what’s going on in someone’s life. So always be thoughtful when approaching anyone. Always make sure you check up on your friends and family and make sure they are doing okay and always be kind. I know that is a very cliché thing to say but it’s very important. You never know if that one compliment you give someone is the reason they decide to keep fighting or even just a smile you give them when you walk past. It’s the little things that could mean the most to someone.

Always remember someone is there even when you feel like everyone and everything is against you. Reach out. It goes a long way. If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide call 1-800-273-8255 to get help from a trained professional. In an emergency always remember you can also call 911 !