Why Does Nobody Vote Third Party?

Why Does Nobody Vote Third Party?

Tom Hall

During every election, multiple parties participate to become President of the United States. Despite the large variety of possible candidates, many voters will only vote for the Republican or Democratic party, depending on your political party affiliation, . What is the cause of this wide split in votes? Why do people constantly ignore the other parties? Is it possible for a third-party candidate to win? 

Don Ranta
Here’s an image of the most popular political parties’ symbols.


What Caused The Two-Party System?

Within history class, many students are taught that the Founding Fathers wanted to avoid a two-party system. They were worried that a two-party system would divide our country more than bring it together. This raises the question, “How did we end up with a two-party system?” After the Cold War, the United States did not have a true enemy and could focus on themselves. This may have led to a heavier focus on politics, which could lead to a split. “The West’s victory in the Cold War means that, [with the possible exception of jihadi terrorism], there is no longer a global enemy to keep us united as we focus on a powerful and cohesive external threat.” Said David Blankenhorn, (Founder and President of Institute for American Values) . People began arguing over which political side was a better choice. The constant feud led to a strong dissent between each other and now voters seem to vote based on party and not their personal beliefs.

The Chances Of A Third-Party Candidate Winning

With the way the United States democracy is ran, the chances are slim for a third-party candidate to become President. “The country’s first-past-the-post process of deciding winners encourages voters to cast ballots only for candidates who have a real shot at winning, depressing third-party voting and producing just two parties that compete for a small sliver of truly swing voters.” said the G.E.M. .Third-parties are rarely represented in the media. Advertisements are very rare and almost never shown on popular sites like YouTube or Facebook. Democratic and Republican foundations are funded with way more money, which gains them even more sponsorship and attention. For a third-party candidate to win, they would need to have a great amount of money and be able to properly commercialize themselves. Without these necessities, their ideas and statements will never get out.

Jeff Parker
This political cartoon shows how annoyed the population is by the Republican and Democratic party.