The Littlest Shadow

Art by Emily PfahlIt was a dark and stormy night. A small family was playing in their front yard . There were, two dads, a young child, and a pet on a leash.Upon closer inspection, the family was one adult ghost with a handle-bar mustache and a top hat, an adult shadow that looked like a generic looking dad, and a fuzzy spider that was bigger than the child with a cute pink bow and sweater, and a small shadow running around chasing the spider around the yard.

“Roxy come here.” The small shadow called out.  Toni floated around the yard chasing the fluffy pet. Roxy turns around and tackles the little shadow. The pet begins to snuggle the young child on the ground.

As this happens a family of humans begin to walk through the suburban neighborhood. They were the perfect nuclear family. The family consisted of a father, son, mother, daughter, and to top it off had a beautiful golden lab dog. They were talking loudly as they walked by the Mercy family home.

“I cannot believe that the neighborhood really let that ‘family’ live here. I mean seriously there going to cause so many problems for us normal people.” Mrs. Smitheles said loud enough for the family to hear. Toni stopped playing with Roxy and began to head inside. Mr. Mercy grabbed his child and held him close in front of them.

“She’s said the same thing since we moved into this house four months ago.” Tom said to Daniel. Tom’s top hat dripped slightly but then he looked over at Toni, seeing how happy they were in this new neighborhood. This was better than the last human neighborhood they had lived in.

“Well at least I don’t touch up my own roots with fake blonde and expect my husband to notice every small difference about me.” Diego Mercy said loud enough for Mrs. Smitheles to hear. The other two Mercy’s laughed at the comment. Daniel flashed his smile and flicked on his sunglasses. Her face warped into disgust as she looked at the family. She led her family to the front of the lawn shouting.

“How dare you accuse me like that. No wonder your kind will never be able to live here peacefully.” She said. Diego’s smiled dropped and his playful manner was gone. Before he could move Tom and Toni stood in front of Diego hugging him. Roxy stood by her family ready to attack. Toni turned towards his parents with a mischievous smile on his face.

“Can I do it this time?” The small shadow pleaded to his parents. They smiled back at him and nodded. Toni floated towards the Smitheles.

“Don’t worry this will be quick.” Toni said to the family. Mrs. Smitheles backed up towards her family not knowing what was going to happen. A small laughter left the little shadow as he grew in size. The family could only stare at the shadow who was as tall as the house behind it. Toni ate the family in a quick bite leaving the dog standing there. Daniel and Diego smiled at their child, a look out pride in their eyes. Toni shrunk back down and ran towards his parents.

“Now lets get back to our game, Roxy.” Toni said, grabbing the spider’s leash and began to run around the yard.