Sheridan’s Fall Festival

Sheridan's Fall Festival

Allen Bartells

The Sheridan Fall Fest took place on the 25th of September, 2019. This event brought the students of Sheridan High school out of class for nearly two hours to enjoy some time outside. While outside, students could purchase items such as ice cream, popcorn, sunglasses or other various clothes and food. To purchase these items, students would use tickets they collected by participating in our spirit week.

During the Fall Festival, many games and events were held by various staff members. People could either participate in these events or they could just hang out together and enjoy time out of class. This event was an amazing time for everyone and many teachers also enjoyed the experience. Sometimes students and staff members just need a good time outside of the building to form better bonds with the community. Sheridan is looking forward to an even better Fall Festival next year.


Christian Moran and Murphy VanBalen