Sheridan High School Rage Cage


What do you think of when you here the words ‘ Student Section ‘? You immediately imagine a bunch of high school kids cheering on their team. But, here at Sheridan, the Sheridan Student Section does WAY more than just cheering and creating themes. We do dances with the band, make up cheers on the spot, get the crowd pumped up and most importantly… we have fun no matter what. We go above and beyond to sound the best and be the best. We are The Rage Cage. Our cheerleaders are always involved and do the themes with the student section. Everyone is involved and ready to have fun.

Senior Grace Dowdell is the student sectional leader and is perfect for the job. She is always prepared to lose her voice and get everyone, including the crowd, pumped up for the Friday Night games. Not only does she show up ready to go, everyone in the Rage Cage is ready. For example, the Tri-Valley game was one of the best games for the student section. We all kept up the energy the entire game even though we were losing. Nobody left in the middle of the game because they new the outcome. They all stayed until the end to cheer the boys on as they walked off the field. At the end of every game, we all are arm in arm and sing our Alma Mater. It shows the unity all of us have.

There are always competitions between the student sections in the MVL ( Muskingum Valley League ), especially through the cheer, ” We’ve got spirit yes we do, we’ve got spirit how bout’ you? ” Not only are there cheers that are competitive but there are actual student section rivalries. Sheridan and New Lex have always been rivals in many sports. Although, the biggest student section rivalry between Sheridan is Philo, every year we are always ready to yell across the field and enjoy the game.

So when you imagine any student section, think of and base your thoughts of the Rage Cage. We don’t disappoint and will always show up ready. The community is one of a kind and no matter what the outcome is everyone is proud of the players and how hard they work.