How much do the teachers know Disney?


Have you ever wondered what your teachers thought about Disney? Well we have, and we asked six teachers some basic questions about Disney movies. We asked them what their favorite Disney movie was while they were growing up, which villain they liked the most, which princess was their favorite, which movie they would live in, if they could change any part of a movie, what would it be and why, and if they like the new life action movies such as The Lion King.

  • Mrs. Peresta: She had very precise, enthusiastic responses, especially about Beauty and The Beast. Her favorite movie, princess, and a place to live in all incorporated Beauty and the Beast. Although, we did ask her if she would like to change a scene and Ariel’s prince Eric becoming a mermaid so Ariel didn’t have to leave her sea family was what she came up with. She also really enjoys the new live action movies, her specific words were “ LOVE THEM.”
  •  Mr. Bennett: He explained to us that his favorite movie is Rodinhood, but he wanted to live in the Hercules movie. His favorite villain was Captain Hook. He wanted to change the Bambii movie to were the mother does not die. Mr. Bennett told us in his opinion, the new live action movies just do not live up to the hype and are no where near as awesome as the old style movies.
  • Mr. Cattran: He told us that he was not the biggest fan of Disney but had some knowledge. His favorite Disney movie was Aladdin. Unrelated to Aladdin, his favorite villain is Captain Hook. When asked which movie he would like to live in, without hesitation he replied with Moana. He loves the beach.  If he could change any part of a Disney movie, it would be  The Good Dinosaur – he wouldn’t kill off the dad. We also asked how he felt about the new live action style remakes, he unfortunately has not seen any of them, but did say this, “Beauty and The Beast is the worst movie ever, Sorry Mr. Booth.”
  • Mrs. YzenskiDepending on her mood, Mrs. YZ has two favorite movies: Aladdin and The Lion King. She answered the favorite princess question a little differently from others, Moana was her favorite adult Disney princess and that Jasmine was her favorite princess during her childhood. If she could live in any movie, she picked Toy Story. Most likely a popular response, she said that she would change the part when Scar killed Mufasa in The Lion King. She has not seen any of the new live action style movies. 
  • Mr.Paxton: He was very skeptical about Disney, he said and I quote, “ I’m a non-movie watcher, I don’t know Disney.”  He answered our questions as best as he could. His favorite Disney movie is Goofy and his favorite villain is Scar. Scar has been a very popular answer throughout the questions. The last question he answered was what Disney movie he would want to live in, and to no surprise he answered…. Shrek. I mean come on it is Paxton…it makes sense!
  • Mr. Horn: Similar to Mrs. Yzenski, his favorite Disney movie is The Lion King and to no surprise his favorite villain is Scar. Mr. Horn is a major medieval fan and due to this he would love to live in the time period of Snow White or Shrek. If he could change anything in a movie, he would make it clear that Snow White dies at the end of the movie as he believes the movie itself is a metaphor for death and that the clouds at the end represent her ascending to heaven. Horn says that he enjoys the new live action style movies, “They give them a new look.”
  • Mr. Lones: Just like Mr. Bennett he likes the movie Robin hood and the villain Captain Hook. He would rather live in the movie Bambi but he would want to change the part were the mother died because in his words, “ What’s a man without his mother.” He likes the new live action movies, as he states, “They seem alright to me.”
Taylor Routte and Emily Bobo