Top 5 Underrated Board Games

Top 5 Underrated Board Games


This game is extremely underrated. Yes, you may have heard of it, but have you ever actually played it? Exploding kittens is an epic game of explosions and kittens, laser beams, and even goats. You gain cards throughout the game that are used to manipulate the deck in your favor, causing other people to be blown up by the kittens. Exploding Kittens allows 2-5 players with the base game but adding expansion packs will allow more players to join in the fun. Here is a comment from player Jayden says  ” I love the uncertainty of the game and how you don’t know what’s going to happen in the game.” 


Actual Board of 13 DeadEnd Drive.


Do you like Clue? Have you ever thought of a game that does the exact opposite of it? In this game you are the murder trying to collect Great Aunt Agatha’s inheritance and the only thing that stands in your way are her friends, co-workers, and the cat. There are traps set up throughout the board that you can cause other players to be killed in. You must use strategy and manipulation to pin the other players against each other. In this game you are able to play with 2-4 player as recommended on the box though since there are twelve characters .  



Official box art of Camel Up

 Do you like racing? Do you like camels? Have we got the game for you. You bet on 5 different camels racing around the board. The earlier you place your bets the more money you can win if your camel wins the race. Camels do not run in a rational way, sometimes camels get tired and one camel can ride another to victory. The amount of players varies from 2-8 players even though there are only seven camels.


Official box art of Pandemic

 Have you ever heard of the app Plague Inc? This game is exactly like that but you are saving the world from the deadly diseases instead of infecting the world. The basis of this game is to work together to save the world from any deadly diseases that are a problem to the earth. The game has two expansion packs that you can buy to make the game more fun and exciting. This game is for 2-4 players. 

                      1. CATAN

Catan is a strategy game based on creating settlements with raw ingredients. In this game you are forced to use your mind and manipulation skills to be the first player to ten points. To get points you are forced to build settlements, cities and roads. With the base game you can only have four player but if you buy the 5-6 player expansion pack. The game doesn’t stop there. There are three expansion packs that can be added to the base game and expand the game to add more game time. Don’t take it from me, asking Catan player Alex Peters to give his opinion  “I’ve never played 13 deadend drive, so sheep” ( An inside joke about how plentiful sheep are usually in the game.) 

Photographer: Victoria Dye
Board set up for Catan