Local 18 Apprenticeship and Training Fund

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Have you ever seen people working on the roads or on a building as you drive by? Have you wondered how they operate those cool machines?  Are you looking to acquire multiple skills, work outdoors, and earn a decent wage? If you are interested in these things, look no further because Operating Engineer might be the job for you. Operating engineer is someone who builds roads, bridges, dams and assist in the construction of large buildings and other structures. Yeah sure you can get a little messy but the pros outweigh the cons and there is much more to it then the stereotypical dirty construction worker.

Ohio has an apprenticeship and training program for anyone who’s interested in becoming an engineer. The Ohio Operating Engineers Training Program is an industry sponsored and funded apprenticeship training program. All apprentices have requirements for becoming an operating engineer. The requirements consist 0f  the following: completing a four-year apprenticeship program, attending 160 hours of related instruction per year on their own time, and completing 4,000 hours of classroom and field work. You also need to be 18 in order to apply for the apprenticeship, able to read,write and do basic arithmetic and follow and comprehend oral/written instructions. If you are interested, you can find out more about the process and apply for the program at the following website: https://local18training.com/.

This job is an example of how you can use education and hard work to advance in your career.



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