“If I Make This Shot, You Owe Me Lunch”…



You might have heard of the internet sensation Dude Perfect. They are a Christian group of friends from Texas A&M that do trickshots, battles, and other activity’s on youtube; which get the attention of around 45.8 million people on youtube and 9.8 million people on instagram.

Dude perfect is quite the group when it comes to trick shots using ping pong balls, bow and arrows, etc. All of the trickshots have their own twist. It doesn’t always take them one try but they do always find a way to get it done and they aren’t ashamed of it. They accomplish many feats through sheer determination and undistributed power of will. The members of Dude Perfect are: twins Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney. They are all friends from high school and went to collage together at Texas A&M. They get famous people to do videos with them like Dale Earnhardt Jr., the famous Nascar driver, and Luke Bryan, the famous country singer. They will come up with random things to do trick shots with. They even did trick shots with cars and giant soccer balls, guns, long distance shots, and they even had a contest who could shoot the targets first. If you wanted to know, Tyler Toney was the one to shoot them all the fastest. They are talented people that are good at what they do and enjoy doing it.

Why people should check them out is because they are really good at trick shots. One example being the ping pond trick shots. They used ping pong balls to do trick shots and other cool stunts that is entertaining and fun to watch. They will use anything to make a trick shot. Click below to see the ping pong trick shots video.

dude perfect