Is Grey’s Anatomy A Disgrace?


The main characters of Grey's Anatomy.


Have people ever told you about Grey’s Anatomy? Are you thinking about watching it? Then this is the review to read! According to Kathy Conkey, “Grey’s Anatomy was the show of the year on ABC in 2005.” When you thought ABC couldn’t get any better they came out with Grey’s Anatomy. The ratings when this show first came out skyrocketed! It was the new show that everyone talked about. If you want to watch something that will make you laugh and cry at the same time, this is the show to watch. Shannon Baker said “I laughed and cried so many times within one episode, I love that show so much.”

Grey’s Anatomy is an award-winning TV show that has both amazing plot lines and memorable characters. There are so many characters that you get to learn about their lives, relationships, and much more.

Grey’s Anatomy is the longest-running scripted prime time show airing on ABC. Just when everyone thought ABC was going to leave us on a cliffhanger, ABC announced a season 16. Within the first 15 seasons so much happened.

In season one there were five beginning interns, Meredith Grey, Christina Yang, George O’Malley, Izzie Stevens and Alex Karev. Sadly within the first 14 seasons many of the originals either left or were killed. George choose to save someones life over his own. Christina left for a better job offer as director of cardio-thoracic surgery in Switzerland, but still comes to visit. In the end of season 15, Meredith, Alex, and Richard Webber were fired and one of them are looking at major jail time.

Meredith Grey

Meredith is my favorite of all the original characters. Not only is she determined to do her job correctly, she cares about everyone. I highly related to her as a human, she watched her mother try to kill herself as well as being the strongest female on this show Meredith was top of her class. Meredith is the most relatable character in this series, you will feel all of her emotions.

Christina Yang

Christina Yang and Meredith Grey talking.

Christina is the smartest and bratty person on this show. Your opinion on her will change through out the whole series. You will love her one minute and hate her the next, she is just that type of person. Christina is the most hardworking intern, with hard work she got to the top at a whole other hospital. No matter how much she got on my nerves she was the best doctor from the very beginning.


Alex Karev

In the very beginning I promise that you will hate Alex, but he does change. Alex was the biggest brat in season one, but by the end of season 15 he would do anything for his friends. He was ready to go to jail for his best friend. I found him as the most trust worthy character at the end of the seasons and I did not take a liking to him as a person in the very beginning.

I highly recommend this medical drama series, not only will the script make you fall in love with all the characters. You will forever remember all of the emotions the characters went through, so I would tell the directors of Grey’s Anatomy that they did a wonderful job.