Marching Band Show Review


During the Marching Band season, The Sheridan Marching Generals do many shows of all different types. The first show being a walk theme with songs like Walk by Pantera and Walk by the Foo Fighters. The band’s second show being the theme of The Rolling Stones with songs like Paint it Black, and Brown Sugar. They have been trying extra hard this year to learn there third show up and down much earlier than they have in past years thus demanding a lot of hard work from the members.

The Marching Generals put in a lot of work to get there shows to look good. They spend almost every day after school practicing there music and marching skills until five o’clock. During these practices they work both indoors and outdoors. While inside they work on their playing and memorizing skills, while they work on there marching and playing skills outside. Mrs. Powell stated, “the marching band does a fantastic job in there performances! Their sound is stellar, and the routines they preform are well practices and synchronized. I enjoy watching and listening to them!” They also start practicing before the start of the school year. Their season technically never ends, they just lose and gain a few people. The members act more like family than just band mates around each other, caring for each other and helping if someone messes up.

During their shows they always have a dance they do during what they call a drum brake; which is normally written by the most experienced drum-line members. The dance is always fun to watch, and makes you want to get active and have a good laugh.

The Marching Generals shows can be enjoyed by everyone. By having strong sounds and fun dances, they will definitely leave you surprised. A parent of one of the members once said, “after watching the band perform on Friday night at a football game, I have to say I was impressed. They did an amazing job. The music selection was great and I am looking forward to seeing their new show”. You can always tell how hard they practice and that they enjoy what they a do. 

first show prating at band camp 2019