McClain’s Choir Class


Here at Sheridan High we have multiple choirs you can join. Even if you think you are not good but want to give choir a try, join! You won’t regret it. Beth McClain is the choir instructor here at the high school. She is loving, kind, and helpful to all who gets the opportunity to get to know her. Anyone who has been given the privilege to sing in one of her choir classes are quite lucky.

The Chamber Singers are one of the most prestigious choirs you can get into. Mrs. McClain has taught the Chambers class for 14 years and loves teaching it because she enjoys getting to now all the students. She also enjoys sharing the different types of music with her students. Music has always been a part of Mrs. McClain’s life and she doesn’t plan on getting rid of it anytime soon. Beth McClain’s favorite music would have to be the Christian Radio Station because she loves the meaning behind the songs.

When Mrs. McClain was asked about her singers, focusing on those who have impressed her the most, she replied, “Not one student stands out from another, but Emily Pfahl has always impressed me with her dancing in Show Choir. Another good student is Kelsey Snider. She has slowly built her way up from symphonic choir to show choir.”

Kelsey Snider is a very talented student who has worked hard to get where she is at now. She worked her way up slowly, starting out small then making her way up to the higher levels of the choir. Kelsey started in the Symphonic Choir and worked her way up to the Chamber Singers and is now in the Show Choir. Some advice she would give to the people who are

just starting out in choir would be: “Practice singing a lot, especially at home. You can mess up but as long as your trying your best its okay. Mistakes are okay in choir, its how you learn to get better.” Out of all her years singing with Mrs. McClain, her favorite memory is by far the Christmas party the choir holds. She really enjoyed getting to hang out with friends and bonding with everyone. “McClain has help everyone so much she is just absolutely amazing at what she does. She has helped me gain my confidence towards my singing and dancing. I used to be really shy but now I’m able to go and sing and dance without being embarrassed or worry if I made a mistake

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Elleigh Culver is a freshman in the Chamber Singers. She sings soprano with three other ladies, and enjoys Mrs. McClain’s choir class. It’s something she looks forward to everyday. Elleigh would appreciate it if Mrs. McClain could help her more on solfege in class, because that is what she struggles with the most. However, she is not going to stop taking Mrs. McClain’s choir class anytime soon. “I really enjoy her class and I wish to stay with her throughout all my high school years if I can. I enjoy singing and I want to learn more about how far I can go with my singing.”

If you enjoy singing, Beth McClain’s choir classes are for you. Even if you don’t think your very good at singing, Mrs. McClain will help you get better, or improve your current skills. You can always start out small and grow to become a better singer like Kelsey Snider. If singing isn’t your thing, you could always try dancing in the Show Choir like Emily Pfahl. The sooner you start out in choir, the more you will get to learn and the more practice you will have.