Spider-man Home-run? (Spoiler warning)


Earning five hundred eighty million dollars in the first ten days, Spider-Man: Far From Home is easily one of the biggest movies of the summer. If you don’t already know Far From Home is a movie taking place about eight months after the events of Endgame. Peter Parker, alias Spider-man, is taking a European vacation with classmates. Parker wanted to leave Spider-man behind in New York while he tries to take a break after the emotional pain and trauma he endured during Endgame. Things took a different turn when elemental creatures seeking to destroy started attacking, but with every new villain comes a hero to stop them and that’s where Mysterio comes in. When Nick Fury unexpectedly joins Parker’s vacation and introduces him to Quentin Beck(Mysterio) they fight together to destroy the elemental warriors.

As per-usual, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has made another hit. Considering Spider-man Homecoming made eight hundred million dollars worldwide, earning a spot as the sixth highest-grossing film of 2017, the next movie can do even better. With the first film paving the way for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-man and the incredibly charismatic lead, we should expect a large sum of earnings for this production.

A dutch tilt view of Spider-Man, action ready.

While Peter Parker is trying to overcome Tony Stark’s death and juggle a European class trip, a new hero emerges. Nick Fury later shows up to recruit Parker and introduces him to Quentin Beck. The two team up to fight Elemental warriors from Quentin’s dimension they become friends of a sort. Peter is given glasses from Tony, but after deciding they weren’t meant for him, he gives them to Quentin. Meanwhile, MJ finds a projector and finds out Spider-man is Peter Parker. Soon figuring out Quentin isn’t the hero after seeing a hologram of one of the elements and Mysterio, Parker tries to get shield involved as Quentin grows more powerful with his illusions. When London is under attack of his biggest illusion Peter has to use all his power to stop Mysterio. When he finally makes it past the droids and to Quentin he learns his spidey-sense is back again and finally stops him. As we find out later in the end credits Quentin wasn’t finished yet, Spider-Man’s identity was broadcasting everywhere and this certainly not the end. 

Knight-Monkey, Spider-Man’s alternate identity.

Overall I think this was a terrific movie and I would rate it an 8.5/10. Call me biased from my love of Spider-Man, but I could watch this movie over and over. From the characters that people can relate to, to the amazing actors, it was fantastic. Two Sheridan students have said, “I thought the movie was great, with some flaws” and “There was only one part I didn’t like and it was a small detail” going on to say how the things they didn’t like can be easily overlooked. While some moments are a tad dull, but overall the movie is a well-structured sequel that throws you for a loop and keeps your attention. Whether you loved or hated Spider-man Far From Home you have to agree that the movie was well portrayed and definitely a worthy addition to the franchise.