The Witch in the Window (Scary or Confusing)


The Witch in the Window, produced by Andy Mitton, came out roughly a year ago. This movie was about a middle aged man, Simon, who flips homes for a living with his twelve year old son, Finn.


Finn and his father go to an old farmhouse in rural Vermont to flip it, where they meet a middle aged man named Louis. He has lived in the area for a long time. He tells them about a lady named Lydia who used to live in the house. He told them that Lydia was classified as the witch of the town. She would always be sitting in the window watching. Louis told them that for about a week she would be up there watching in what appeared to be the same spot as the days before. A few days later someone called her in. She allegedly died sitting in her chair looking out the window. Simon seemed like he wasn’t listening, but really he just didn’t want to hear it. After just a few repairs that they made to the house Lydia started her wrath. It was small things like noises and voices. Until one day Finn went upstairs to get a jacket and he came back downstairs with the most horrified look on his face. All he could say was, You need to come see this and when Simon went up there she was there. Lydia was sitting in her chair in the window. Then, after that he kept repairing the house and she would keep getting stronger and stronger. She was so strong that she repeatedly chased him out of the house. She was driving him insane and it would just keep getting worse.

The old farmhouse Simon and Finn are flipping.


The Witch in the Window was both intriguing and confusing. By the end of the movie, I did not feel that the confusion was cleared up and that it left the audience with little clarity.

For example, Simon started hallucinating about his wife. Though the movie didn’t clarify if his wife was dead or alive. However, in some ways, they hinted that she was, in fact, alive. They hint this because they would talk about Finn talking to his mom about a video he watched.

Then again, they would also hint that she could possibly be dead. They talk about how Simon’s wife always wanted a farmhouse in the middle of the country where they all could be together. He said that he was fixing up this house for his wife instead of selling it.

Lydia (the witch) sitting in the window watching.


Another confusing portion of the movie was towards the end when Finn’s mother was tucking him into bed in a place that looked like that farmhouse, but his father wasn’t there. This was confusing for me because, again, I don’t know if she was dead or alive, and why would they be in that old farmhouse without Simon?


The movie would keep jumping scenes. One second he would be at Louis’s house and the next he would be trying to get in his car, but he can not get in. Then, in the next scene, he is sitting in his car and he drives away.

The movie continued to confuse me after Simon was hallucinating about his wife. He was sitting up in a chair right beside the witch (Lydia).  This was really confusing because just a few minutes ago  he was very frightened by her. I talked to Amanda Walpole who also watched the movie. She said “This movie was very hard to comprehend”, “The ending should have made more sense”, and “It wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be”.


The end of the movie is supposed to tie loose ends up and it’s supposed to make sense, but not in this case. In the end, Finn ended up with his mom (somehow). She tucked him into bed and then the movie ended.


I would rate this movie a 2/5, due to two main factors: Unorganized plot line and clarity with characters.

Finn and Simon looking at the witch sitting in her chair starring out the window.