Generals Football 2019


2019 Seniors

Football season is one of the greatest seasons at Sheridan High School. Every Friday night students and fans pack the stands in Paul Culver Jr. Stadium to watch the Generals put on a show. 

Last season, Quarterback Ethan Heller led the team all the way to the elite 8, but this season, many key seniors from last year’s team have gone on to college and careers. 

With such a heavy loss, it’s no surprise that the team had to work hard all summer to make up for it. For months, the team attended lifting, camp, and two-a-days to prepare their minds and bodies for the coming season. 

All of this training led into the first game. The Generals were to face the Licking Valley Panthers at home. The two weeks leading up to the game were intense and all the focus was on Valley.

Friday night came, but it was clear that something didn’t click among the Generals offense. There were several interceptions, and countless missed passes, and this resulted in a 21-7 loss for the Generals. This was a huge loss to the Generals, as their game against Licking Valley last year resulted in them getting to the playoffs. 

The next week was rough. The team knew that if something didn’t change, and soon, then the whole season might follow a similar path as their first game. 

After countless huddle talks, and speeches by head coach Paul Culver III, the team began to work more as just that, a team. The next Friday the team would face Maysville, and this game was a must win. 

2018 Generals

The Generals played much better that game, and came out with a 21-0 win, but there were still many mistakes. The next week would focus on ironing out those mistakes. 

The challenges the team would face, however, were far from over. The next week the team would go head to head with the John Glenn Muskies. The week was full of excitement, as this was a huge game for the team. After a lot of preparing, the team was ready to play. 

The game was close the whole four quarters, but the Muskies held a stiff lead coming into the last few minutes of the fourth quarter. It was a dogfight, but the team was prepared for it. With less than a minute on the clock Senior Receiver Luken Hill caught a touchdown pass which gave Sheridan the lead!

“It was a great pass,” Luken said, “and the shorter height of the DB helped me out too.”

The Muskies made a desperate last push up the field, but failed to score a touchdown. On the last play the Muskies quarterback was sacked, and this sealed victory for the Generals. It was a night of celebration and happiness.

The next week the Generals were right back at it, and played a tough game against Logan. They pulled out a 14-7 win in a game which ran neck and neck the whole time. The team gets better and better every week, and it shows through their victories.

“The start was a little rough, yeah… but we really pulled it together the last few weeks, and we’re a much better team now,” Senior Receiver Luken Hill said.

Though the Generals got knocked down in week one, they chose to stand back up, put the past behind them, and move forward. This mindset greatly benefited the team, and they now hold a record 3-1. 

The Generals are set to take on the West Muskingum Tornadoes Friday, September 27 at home.