Nate Quarterback Johnson


Currently the Sheridan football team has a 2-1 record on the football season with a 2-0 record in the M.V.L. As we all know, Heller has graduated so it seems reasonable to discuss the quarterback position.  Nate Johnson has been in charge of our offense and is trying to fill the shoes of former All-Star quarterback Ethan Heller. This is no easy task because Heller was one of the most elite quarterbacks Sheridan has ever witnessed. However, Nate is no slouch, he brings a great skill set to our team.

Sheridan quarterback Nate Johnson definitely has the leg strength on his running game; he is quite fast and has the quickness to juke people. With his dual threat ability it really keeps the defense on its toes and makes it a guessing game for them when it comes to our offensive plays.

The passing abilities are not the best, but are being worked on. He is better at throwing on the run than he is standing in the pocket. During practice everyday they specifically work on passing more than running in order to improve the passing strength of the generals.

After knowing all of this, he said that “it is definitely going to be hard to live up to the expectations and standards that he set for me,” but his hard work over summer is going to pay off because of how much stronger and faster he got. Having another quarterback that is great, pushes him so much harder to be the best he can be.

Numbers in this past off season were good, and everyone was working hard over the summer, it is for sure going to pay off. He said “that is where the base of the team has been made.” We are pretty young, but the returning starters are helping the team the push and succeed

He likes to be the underdogs, he said that teams will take them lighter and also it pushes them to work harder. After everyone knowing the outcome of last season and knowing how high last years team set the bars, Nate Johnson says that the numbers that the football team had this year showing up to workouts and everything that they did. He said that they are going to take it one game at a time and should definitely make it to the playoffs for a successful season.

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