The Negative Effects of Phones in School

The Negative Effects of Phones in School
A kids using their phone in school.

Are phones in school really a great idea? Do kids need them to survive? Phones are a huge distraction and take a big part in cheating. These electronics can also be used irresponsibly. These reasons alone should keep phones out of classes and away from school.

Smart phones have alarms, beep, buzz and make noises which can interrupt the class. The temptation of having a phone near can be a problem. When a person has a phone near them they may get the urge to use it. This causes the said person to not listen and not know what is happening. Matt Miles, a high school teacher from Virginia, says the problem is becoming a bigger issue: “Where as 5 years ago, I could quietly ask the one rebellious student to put his or her phone away with no real interruption to class, doing that today would require multiple conversations with a majority of my class.” When students don’t know what is going on, it can put the whole class a step back and get them in trouble.

Most student’s want good grades and some are willing to cheat for them. In the age of technology a kid can use their phone to look up the answers online.

There is also the problem of texting. A student could easily take a test and then tell a friend the questions or the answers; phones make this an easy way for students to cheat. A teacher wouldn’t know that cheating had occurred because they are not privy to the text. In turn, the pupil may have a harder time because they didn’t properly learn the last lesson and it might cause them to struggle more in the next area.

This shows multiple people using phones.

Using phones irresponsibly is a concern. Issues like taking pictures of peers without their consent or videos in the classroom without the teachers’ knowledge are examples of this inappropriate behavior. When students do these things, it not only makes them look bad, but pictures or videos could be used to misrepresent the situation or bully other students. Kids have enough in school to worry about, they don’t need the extra pressure of others trying to make them look bad.

Whether you like the idea of phones in school or not it all comes down to the rules. Studies show an improvement in scores and grades when phones are taken out of the equation. A Sheridan teacher has said, “I prefer no phones do to past discipline issues” I think this goes hand in hand with what I have previously stated. Overall phones have their pros and cons like most matters and everyone will always have their side.