Raiding Area 51


What started as a meme soon became a reality. On June 27th a man by the name of Matthew Roberts created a Facebook event to take place on September 20th known as The Area 51 Raid , which became a world wide phenomenon. Roberts said in the event ” Lets go see them Aliens.” and “If we Naruto run we can move faster than their bullets.” Over the next weeks the event went viral and memes were being created about the event. Soon enough people began to sign up for the event causing it to go viral. The news even became a big part of the coverage and growth of the entire event.

After the growth of the event, the Facebook page had two million people confirmed going and a half million interested when Facebook took it down on August 3rd. The event, though gone, has documented pictures taken of it and has been brought back by a meme account that people have found and agreed to raid the Air Force base.


Credit to New York Post

Even if the event is to take place, Roberts has organized a new event to occur the same day as to keep people away from Area 51 called AlienStock. The event is suppose to be a music fest for the believers of aliens. Many people are going to the event but others have said they will be heading to the military base. After asking around the community and getting varying opinions, Abby Clause stated that “she is indifferent on the event and does not plan on going,” while Joshua Nihiser said “He is definitely going to Area 51.”

Whether or not you believe in Aliens, one question remains to be answered, are you going to be one of the millions going to Area 51?