Everything is Better With Technology



Parents say that with all the advancements in technology it is damaging the kids of this generation. Well, they were wrong. People are using technology for the better. It can make our life so much easier. We can communicate with friends and family, share things about our life, and it has made more job opportunities available. Even Mrs. Walters thinks so. She said, “technology is good because you can do anything.”  She also said, “It makes life easier because you have access to anything.” You can just do so much more with modern technology that makes our life better.

The Easy Life

Technology has advanced so much over the years. Thus making life that much easier. If one has a question about something then they can simply look it up on the internet. This is far easier than looking in a book for the answers. Another thing that makes life easier is a GPS. Before you had to look at a map, which makes it much easier to get lost. With a GPS on the other hand, it tells you which way to turn and the fastest route to get to the place you want to get to.

Job Opportunities and $$$$$ 

Many people want to go down a path that involves technology. With technology people have more job

opportunities. Some of the opportunities include: web designers, IT managers, software developer, and so many more.

This is a person who fixes computers for a living (IT manager). This is just one of the job opportunities that are possible with technology.

According to CNBC 517 out of 545 jobs involve some sort of technology. Some jobs that involve technology pay more money than jobs without. For example, an IT manager makes on average around $86,000 a year! While the average American citizen makes $46,000 a year.


Wouldn’t you be upset if you couldn’t contact your friends or family? What about 911? Well without technology you wouldn’t be able to contact anyone. It allows us to talk to just about anybody we want. You can talk to your friends about what happened at school today and make plans for the weekend. You can call long distance friends and relatives. Without technology you wouldn’t be able to call the police, ambulance, or fire department. Then, if you severely need something you would have to take yourself to the hospital or where ever you need to go

People use technology to communicate with each other from all over the world.



Technology has helped people in many ways. We would have a lot of problems if all technology were to suddenly disappear. We wouldn’t be able to communicate or travel anywhere. You wouldn’t be able to pick up your phone and look at the time. So, don’t take it for granted because technology is for the better.