Transgender Athletes In The Olympics


As years go on the LGBT community has begun to become more complex, especially the Transgender/Gender identity community. Transgender is when a natural born male or female feels that they were born into the wrong body. Thus they take steps to transition into another gender. It is a topic of many sides. Men who have transitioned into women that are athletes has become a big controversial topic on the internet whether people think it is right or not.

An increasing number of former athletes are speaking out against transgender women competing in women’s sports. A runner who previously ran in Sheridan’s cross country team said that she was only against transgender athletes competing if they had not completed their hormone therapy. Martina Navratilova, a famous Czech-American tennis player, and Paula Radcliffe, a famous former champion in long distance running, said, “it is theoretically possible for a transgender man to decide to be a woman, take hormones, win and earn money while competing as a female, then go to living as a man.” 

Some are against it due to religious purposes and some are due to the testosterone levels the athletes have. The transgender community has been a big topic in sports and it’s not just happening in the Olympics, its also happening in high school & colleges level sports. From things that people have said, they are not the same as us when they are equally as a human!

Caster Semenya is an Olympic athlete who was not transgender. She had a higher testosterone level than the average woman and due to this, she couldn’t compete in any Olympic races until she decreased her hormone level. This goes for any female athlete with a high testosterone level who wishes to compete in the Olympics.  So many people have different opinions on this topic, that it’s hard to come up with a defiant answer on this debate.

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Image of Caster Semenya, an Olympian athlete